Compiler 2.8 preview available for FOX Subscribers

We have uploaded a preview version of the new X# compiler to the website. Subscribers can download this version from the following link:

{rsfiles path="prerelease/"}

A RTF document with detailed descriptions is included in the ZIP file.


  • Robert, sorry for dumb question, but i can't afford to mess my install: Can i expect 2.7 to still work, after renaming Bin to Bin27 etc.?
  • Karl,

    The idea of the rename is that after you are done testing you can rename the folders again. In that case you will probably end up with a Bin28 and Include28 and rename Bin27 to Bin and Include27 to Include.

    There is a trick that you can use to tell the build system to use a different compiler without renaming the bin folder, but that trick does not work on the Include folder.
    This involves a special environment variable. We use that trick on our development machine to "ignore" the release compiler and compile with the debug version of X# V.Next.

  • Thank you very much!
    So the best would be to install this version to a different machine and not on my main development notebook?
  • Wolfgang, you can safely install it in your development notebook, just keep a backup of the original compiler dll files, in case you need to revert to the previous version.

    Actually, since you are using XIDE, it is even easier for you. You can put the compiler dlls for the new version in for example a fodler named BinNEW, then point XIDE from the Preferences to use this version of the compiler. When you need to use the previous version, just change back the path in preferences.

    I've been doing this all the time in order to test previous and newer compiler versions.
  • Definitely on another laptop.

    I have ongoing bug fixes and feature update on production laptop right now. I want to test this 2.8 ASAP but not for short burst long-term development with gRPC and other .NET 5 stuff.

    That definitely a good idea. I am with you Wolfgang.


  • Rene, you can very easily revert back to the original 2.7 compiler when you want. It's not like the new compiler makes permanent changes to the system...