Conference report XBase Future 2018

Just a short message to tell all of you that we have had a great conference XBase Future 2018 in Cologne this week. The conference was very well organized and there were a lot of great topics. And of course the "after session" time was also worth the trip.

We have used the occasion to speak with customers about our plans for X# for the coming years. We have shown a beta version of the X# runtime, including the macro compiler and we have received very valuable feedback during our sessions. Fabrice has also shown his new plugin for IlSpy that allows you to decompile any .Net assembly into X# code, Very useful!

Some of the customers have shared their success stories about how they have used X# and its tools to move their applications from Visual Objects to .Net. We have also seen some very nice apps running in .Net compiled with X#. We love to see and hear these success stories !

Please give us a few days to recover and organise things at home and then we will share the announcements we did in Cologne as well as the roadmap etc. in the form of messages and downloads on this website.

Click here to see some pictures of the event


  • Hello X# Team,

    Take your time and excited here for the X# Runtime Beta. How I wish I could travel.

    Hope all is well.


  • Yes, it was a nice and interesting conference. Some times it is more important to talk with programmers that use the same programming language than following all the sessions.

  • Good to hear!!! Congrats for all the effort.

    We wish we will be another success story in the near future...