Countdown and final preparations for the conference

With only 2 days left until the XBase.Future conference in Cologne, things are becoming a little hectic over here.Fabrice has traveled from the sunny France to a cold Netherlands, and together we have prepared the new Beta 3 that will be presented and used at the conference. This new beta with comes with many great new features. Some hightlights of this new build:

Visual Studio Integration

  • Support for the Windows Forms Editor
  • Support for the WPF Editor
  • Support for selecting the dialect (see compiler below)
  • Enhanced project property pages with editors for paths and pre and post build steps


  • There is now dialect support in the compiler. The previus beta only supported the Core dialect. Now we also support the VO/Vulcan dialect.
  • We have started work on the Bring Your Own Runtime support for Vulcan. See separate heading below.
  • Improved debugging output
  • New macros (__ENTITY__ and __SIG__ ) for the preprocessor
  • New PARAMS keyword for parameter list of method/function
  • Slen() and AltD() are now supported by the compiler
  • Added support for the DYNAMIC type

Bring Your Own Runtime

  • XBase type names are resolved properly (ARRAY, DATE, SYMBOL, USUAL etc)
  • Literal values are now resolved properly (ARRAY, DATE, SYMBOL)
  • NULL_ literals are resolved properly (NULL_STRING follows the /vo2 compiler option, NULL_DATE, NULL_SYMBOL)
  • Calling methods with Clipper calling convention works as expected.
  • Methods/Functions without return type are seen as methods that return a USUAL
  • If a method/function contains typed and untyped parameters then the untyped parameters are seen as USUAL parameters
  • The ? command will call AsString() on the arguments

Please come and meet us in Cologne. If you haven't registered: it is not too late.


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