Easter present: XSharp Beta 2 is avaliable for FOX subscribers

We are very pleased to announce our special Easter present for our FOX Subscribers: XSharp Beta 2 is available for download from the download area on this website.

Some of the highlights in this new build:

  • We have added the preprocessor
  • Some FOX subscribers have asked for a NOP keyword. This has been added
  • We have added YIELD EXIT (or YIELD BREAK) statements
  • Many reported bugs have been fixed
  • The Right shift operator >> no longer conflicts with the declaration of Generics, such as in the following code:
       var x := List<Tuple<int,int>>{}
  • We have updated the build system and project properties dialog inside Visual Studio to allow many more compiler options
  • We have rolled the Roslyn code forward to the Roslyn version that is included with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1. Many issues have been fixed inside this updated Roslyn code, but you will most likely never see this <g>.
  • We have added an option to the build system called "Use Shared Compiler". This will improve the compilation speed, especially for small projects, since it caches the meta data from references assemblies such as System.dll

Fox Subscribers can download the new build from the downloads section on this website.

Other visitors can read the complete readme for Build 0.2.2 from the General\Readme section in the downloads area .


One comment

  • Thank you for this present, and happy Easter to you and your team!

    I'll download and test immediatly!