Live Coders Conference

Coming Saturday, June 20, there is an online event, catted "Live Coders Conference". Click here for more information.

We are sponsoring this event and we are giving away 2 free one year subscriptions to the Friends Of XSharp program for the right answers to 2 trivia questions we have contributed.

The event is transmitted over Twitch and previous events were a great success with many (virtual) attendees.

This is very recommended and a lot of fun !


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One comment

  • Just a few remarks:

    1 I think the URL you provide is not correct; 3 days before the conference it still shows a call for speakers. I think you need this URL:

    2 If you sponsor this event I would expect you to be in the sponsor list (bottom of the above URL)

    3 I am not sure if any of the speakers would interest the average VO/X# programmers. Game engine & design? Alexa interface? CSS?