We are pleased to announce that the Friends Of XSharp (FOX) program has started.

You can now register for this program through the Store link on this website.

The introductionary price for the FOX program is EUR 495,- as has been announced before. There is also a discounting system for companies that want to subscribe with multiple users.

The FOX program includes support for the X# language as well as for Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET.

At this moment we offer support through our online forum only. The Internet Newsgroups are being setup, and we will let you know a.s.a.p. when these are available.

For our subscribers we have also uploaded the first Alpha version of the X# compiler.

A while ago we have officially launched the new XSharp project and announced that we are working on a new XBase for .Net platform called X#.

We have received many positive reactions from the community, especially about the fact that we will be releasing the product under an Open Source License. Some people have asked us under which Open Source License model we will release the source code and others have asked us how we plan to finance development of X#. Some of the highlights in these reactions were words like Share, Together, Communication, Generous and Family. We consider the VO and Vulcan.Net community as our family!

And that sort of describes perfectly why we have started to do this:

The community and the future of the XBase Language are our first priority and not the money!

We realize that some of you (or your companies) have invested many man years and many hundreds of thousands of Euros, Dollars or Pounds in the development of your products. Others have invested less, but are just as dependent on the future of their xBase development language.

And now you are confronted with the fact that the product owner of VO and Vulcan.Net (Grafx) is no longer able (and does not want) to execute future development on these products. Also the development of several other XBase alternatives has come to a stop. 

We’ve built it – we can make it better!

Epe: September 28 2015.

We have just returned from a VERY successful DevShare Conference in the UK. Many thanks go to Phil Hepburn, Mike Bertenshaw, Dai Darkin and their spouses Sue and Sue for organizing this great event.

Our new XSharp initiative has received as very warm welcome at the conference, but also raised many questions. We would like to take the opportunity to repeat and answer the most common and most important question over here:

Why do you want to introduce a new compiler / competitor for a small market as Vulcan.NET?