Online Event: Lambda expressions, Codeblocks and LINQ

Coming Thursday May 21 at 16:00 Amsterdam time we'll have another online presentation.
This weeks presenter is Fabrice Foray, our devteam member from France.

The topic for this week will be an intermediate level topic about Lambda Expressions, Codeblocks and LINQ

Some of the topics we'll look at:

  • What is a Lambda Expression
  • How does this relate to Delegates
  • How does this relate to Anonymous methods
  • What is the difference between a Lambda Expression and a Codeblock
  • Where do you use a Lambda Expression
  • What is LINQ
  • What is an anonymous type
  • Which extension methods from the LINQ namespace can be useful even without LINQ

The video of the recorded session is available in the XSharp Youtube channel

The examples from this and earlier online sessions can be found in the download session on this website