Online Event: New features in the X# language/compiler

The online event for Thursday May 7 , at 16:00 Amsterdam time, will be about new features in the X# language/compiler.

The recording of the session can be found in our YouTube channel.

Some of the topics that will be covered are

  • IS Var (and compare that with IsInstanceOf())
  • special Out declarations: Out VAR Id, OUT Id as Type, OUT NULL
  • New notation for literal numbers with thousands separators
  • Show #pragma warnings and #pragma optionsto override commandline arguments in code
  • Passing variables by reference to untyped functions
  • Show how we now don't longer need to use version resources but how the version info is generated from assembly attributes (and how you can switch back to the old behavior)
  • FOREACH statement (including enumerating arrays)
  • VAR keyword
  • Anonymous types

Next week (May 14) Robert will give an "advanced" session about the X# Rdd system, explaining the architecture of the RDD system and showing you how to use the new RDD events and how you can "hook" into the RDD system with the new RddWrapper class in the X# runtime.



  • I assume this will be in the X# Academy later?

    I have 1 remark and 1 question. The remark is that the resolution seems insufficient to have a readable screen. You get the general picture, but many details are unreadable (code is readable though). Is that something which can be enhanced?

    What I did see is that you have a number of preset code snippets left in your screen, in the toolbox it seems.How do you get that?

    One more remark that may interest some. The Zoom application used to enable these meetings has some questionable privacy issues so I am probably not prepared to install it. But it seems possible to use Zoom in a browser, without installing the app. See to read how.

    Finally: what time is the next event?

  • Dick,
    The event is at 16:00 Amsterdam time.
    And yes it will be recorded and uploaded to You Tube.
    In the second session I have also enlarged the font of several other parts of the IDE. If/when I will use the terminal window in a next session then I will also increase the font of the terminal window.
    To get code snippets on the toolbox all you have to do is select them in the editor and drag them to the toolbox .
    Finally, I share your concerns over Zoom. We have looked at several alternatives, but Zoom is by far the easiest to use for events where viewers can join Anonymously, and it is cheap.
    If you are concerned about security I advise to use Zoom in the Browser. And, as always, you can also run it on a Virtual Machine with limited access to your physical machine.
    If you know a better solution then Zoom, please let us know.
  • Unfortunately I had not the the to participate, but I have used the YouTube video, and it was very interesting!
    Thank you very much, Robert!
  • Robert

    I would also like to add my thanks for your time and effort to create and present these sessions. Having them online after the fact is a great learning tool - especially with the time difference here in Australia.

    thanks to you and the whole X# team for everything you guys do !