Online presentation this week

There will be another online presentation this week.
It will be take place on Thursday February 25th at 16:00 CET (Amsterdam time).
The presentation will be done by our Devteam member Chris Pyrgas.
The subject will be:

migrating applications from Visual Objects to X# and the changes that you have to make to your source code because of the differences between the two.

Afterwards the recording of the sessions will be uploaded to our Youtube channel "X# Academy"


  • I thought the discussion after the presentation was almost as informative as what Chris had to say. We should do it more often!

    Even if you're not planning to migrate your VO applications, the VOExporter tool is a priceless code-checker. It will uncover problems in old code that you didn't know you had.
  • I really wish, this was done in 2019. Well, my 2020 deep dive to VO to X# was fun and entertaining. Did I say, "lots of hair pulling and lots and lots of coffee".

    The lockdown in the 2020 helps too. I routed my depression for now able to travel to all out coding.

    Now, 100% happy with X#.
  • I lately discover u can legally do this in X#:


    It did compile, and probably works without problem. LOL. It did.

    :.. Where ODCHost:Value is IP address.