Progress report Nov 23, 2020

It's time for another progress report.

We are working very hard to finish X# build 2.7. Some of the changes that you can expect in this build:


RDD System


VS Integration

Of course this is just a selection of the issues found and fixed.

We expect to release this build around Dec 1.


  • Karl, Robert meant this fix is under the category "various other fixes" that were taken care of. Actually I sent you an email earlier today, but all the problems you reported being fixed now!
  • Hi Robert,

    Is there a "rename" VO forms function?

    I am doing this weeks ago and because it was not supported nor a clone, I end up drawing it on empty and copy/paste all controls. Well, I am not doing this everyday. I change my mind, change a window from DataWindow to DialogWindow instead. Clone won't work on that one. But able to clone or renamed. Anything that make maintaining an X# apps easier.

    So I focus on Daily Driver: X# code editor got a slowing down sometimes and when adding or renaming some methods, Right Click > Go To Definition wont work.

    The list is quite short:
    1. VO like behavior that when we mouse-over a method, it will display the exact location of the "Project > Prg file". Well this is tricky if the CLASS have several partial.

    2. Go To Definition is disabled on upper portion of source code editor horizontal split-view.

    3. Go To Definition won't work on Referenced assemblies.

    4. Of course, the VS's Yellow Bar of Shame (your word). I have mute it. , VS want me to disable X# Project System because it slowing me down. What am I thinking? LOL.

    For now, that is what I think of that really "bug" me down a little. Just a little.

    1. IntelliSense - I can live without this anyway, with dash of IntelliCode.

    I consider myself still a newbie in VS, C# and X#. I keep learning.

    Btw, Thanks for the upcoming update and shout out on ADS ACE Management API thing. I appreciate it much.


  • Would it be possible to add also the current version of the "new" GUI classes to the distribution so we can start to work with them?
  • Wolfgang,

    I can add them but they will then be 'unsupported'.
    I am still working on this (actually a customer has just started to sponsor the development on this, so I will make some progress over the next months).