X# Summit, Memmingen, Oct 16-17 2020. Register now !

X# Summit Memmingen 2020


In October 2020 we are organizing our first European conference in years.

Since we are a small open source project and we have limited financial resources, we have chosen to organize this as a relatively low budget event. We have also chosen a location in the south of  Germany, so developers from Switzerland, Austria and North Italy are also able to come with a reasonable travel time.

The main audience for this event is existing Visual Objects and Vulcan.NET developers. However we will also spend ample time on our Visual FoxPro support.

We will present the current state of the X# development and show how to migrate your apps from VO to .Net. We will also have time to explain some of the internals of the X# compiler and runtime and how you can use the new features in the product (generics, lambda expression, linq, scripting, multi threading etc) in your apps. We will also show you how you can port Visual FoxPro apps to X#,

With the help of our local partner Karl Faller we have selected a venue for the event.

This summit is structured to encourage open and facilitated face-to-face discussion and idea sharing amongst all attendees. Refreshments will be provided all day with scheduled lunch and snack breaks.


The event will take place at the following hotel:

   Hotel Weisses Ross       Hotel Weisses Ross
Kalchstr. 16
87700 Memmingen


We plan to have 2 days with 10 different sessions that will not be repeated. The detailed list of sessions will be published in May or June.

(Call for) Speakers

On behalf of the X# development team there will be 2 or 3 members giving sessions. We are also looking for other speakers. If you are interested in speaking, please send your session proposals to info@xsharp.eu before April 1, 2020.  We expect you to prepare a whitepaper or presentation about your subject with practical examples. Sessions should be code centric.Speakers will get free admittance to the event.


To register for this event, please send an email to info@xsharp.eu.

We have the following registration fee for the event:

Description FOX
- Early bird (book before September 2020) 350 400
- Normal price (starts September1, 2020) 450 500
Registration for the "Virtual Event" 49 49
  • This includes the refreshments, lunch and dinner on the 16th and refreshments and lunch on the 17th.
  • We have negotiated a special discounted hotel room price of EUR 86 per person per night including breakfast. Local taxes may apply. You can book directly with the hotel https://www.hotelweissesross.de/. and tell them that you are part of the X# Summit group.
  • Room are available from Thursday 15th until Sunday 18th.



  • Hi, its very early, but...
    time to continue with XBase but moving forward to C# and .Net with the help of X# and to meet the nice people who still want to let XBASE survive...

    Memmingen is not so far from my place. But maybe Ill stay in the hotel on 16th. Now booked 16&17.
    Hope to get a lot of new ideas...

    BR Rainer