Today we have released a new installer for XSharp Bandol 2.3 to our FOX subscribers.

The complete readme with the description of the changes can be found here

{rsfiles path="fox/Compiler/XSharpSetup23Fox.zip"}


#11 Robert van der Hulst 2020-02-13 09:16

Thanks for the warning. That was obviously a mistake..

#12 Kees Bouw 2020-02-13 10:59
It would be nice if typed function pointers could be supported in VOSTRUCT's. They are already supported in LOCAL's (with the /vo6 compiler option enabled).
#13 Robert van der Hulst 2020-02-13 12:12

Where do you need this ? Do you have an example ?

#14 Kees Bouw 2020-03-03 11:05
In the download section, subscriber downloads, installers, Updated X# runtime docs for 2.3, it says "The help file included with the 2.3 installer is missing several topics. Please use this file in stead (copy to \Help)". The filename is XsRuntime.chm but in this folder there is no file with that name. Should it replace one of the existing files (XSharp.chm or XSharpRef.chm) or is it indeed a new third file? A tip if you can't see the contents of the downloaded file: choose Properties and click the "Unblock" button.
#15 Robert van der Hulst 2020-03-04 10:15
This help is for x# 2.3.
If you are using 2.3a you do need it.


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