XSharp Bandol Beta 2

We have just released XSharp Bandol Beta 2 to our FOX subscribers.

A public build will become available later today.

This build fixes some issues that were found in the runtime and the compiler in Beta 1.

It also fixes some issues in the Visual Studio 2017 integration.

The compiler has some changes compared to the previous build but is still of release quality.
The runtime is a beta version and should not be used for production code. It also misses some features that you may need.


  • Bandol Beta 2 is installed and compiles all my X# code without issues.
    Thank you very much!
  • Bandol Beta 2 installed in South Africa too.
    All projects compiled 100%.
    Thank you Robert, Chris, Fabrice and Nikos.
  • Hi Guys
    I can also confirm that Bandol Beta 2 now compiles all of my Vulcan projects as well !
    Thanks for the great work and awesome support !