XSharp Beta 4

We are proud that XSharp Beta 4 is available for download for our FOX subscribers.

On top of the changes that we already listed in a news message last week, we have now also added support for some additional VO and Vulcan compatibility topics:

  • BREAK.
  • We have also added support for the /VO10 compiler option (Compatible IIF expressions, where the TRUE and FALSE expressions are of a different type).
  • And finally we restored the behavior that the call to the parent constructor no longer has to be the first line inside a constructor (for VO and Vulcan dialect only). That way you will be able to create Clipper calling convention constructors and set default values for missing parameters before calling the Super constructor. Or call a PreInit() method before the super constructor.

As said: this build is for download for FOX subscribers only.

The next public beta is planned for the second half of June 2016, and should contain the full VO and Vulcan compatibility support as well as some enhancements inside Visual Studio and our first XSharp Runtime.

We would finally like to remind you that the introductionary price for the FOX program ends this month.

Stay tuned for more news!

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