XSharp Beta 8

We are proud to announce that we have released XSharp Beta 8 to our FOX subscribers,
This version has many new features. The list below shows some of the highlights:

Visual Studio

  • Support for the new Visual Studio 2017
  • We have implemented “Linked Files” in a project. This is useful for example if you have files with common code that you want to include in different projects, like global attributes with company name, product name etc.
  • We have added the ability to “Show all files”.
  • If you add a file with a Form or User Control to your project we will now detect that, and set the subtype of the file. You should see the appropriate icon appear in the project tree
  • Improved Drag and drop in the project explorer
  • The ResX and Settings editor now generate source code. We have also enabled the combo box in these editors that allow you to choose between public and internal classes.

Compiler and Language changes

Some new language features in the Compiler:

  • Object Initializers
  • Collection Initializers
  • When constructing anonymous types, you no longer have to name the fields. If you reference fields or properties from other objects, then the names of these fields/properties will be used for the anonymous type as well

Many improvements in the VO/Vulcan compatibility

  • Default Parameters are now implemented just like in VO and Vulcan.
  • Init Procedures in the main app and the Vulcan SDK Libraries are now called by the main app. We are also initializing the Vulcan macro compiler (calling Init procedure in other libraries will follow shortly)
  • The compiler option Implicit Casts and Conversions (/vo7) has been implemented. You can now also use the @ sign to pass variables by Reference (but we prefer the REF syntax)
  • With these changes you can now successfully compile the standard sdi and mdi examples from VO/Vulcan with X#.

Other compiler improvements:

  • The compiler now caches include files. You should see a serious speed increase when parsing source code that included large include files (such as the Win32 api header file from Vulcan)


We have added some chapters to the documentation with the complete and accurate EBNF notation of the X# language. If you are uncertain about the syntax of a new feature, you can now see what the compiler expects. The notation has been copied directly from our compiler source code, so it is the most accurate documentation of the X# language.


If you are a FOX subscriber you can download this new version from the downloads page on this website.

A new public version of XSharp is expected short before Christmas 2016.

If you are not a FOX subscriber and you are thinking about it: do it now. We have a 30% discount if you register now! Click here to order a subscription with 30# discount.

One comment

  • I was able to rebuild my only Vulcan GUI application with X# beta 8 and almost no changes other than code that Vulcan should not have accepted. With active BYOR this application runs now and will be put in production the next days.