We are proud to announce that we have released XSharp Beta 8 to our FOX subscribers,
This version has many new features. The list below shows some of the highlights:

Visual Studio

Compiler and Language changes

Some new language features in the Compiler:

Many improvements in the VO/Vulcan compatibility

Other compiler improvements:


We have added some chapters to the documentation with the complete and accurate EBNF notation of the X# language. If you are uncertain about the syntax of a new feature, you can now see what the compiler expects. The notation has been copied directly from our compiler source code, so it is the most accurate documentation of the X# language.


If you are a FOX subscriber you can download this new version from the downloads page on this website.

A new public version of XSharp is expected short before Christmas 2016.

If you are not a FOX subscriber and you are thinking about it: do it now. We have a 30% discount if you register now! Click here to order a subscription with 30# discount.