XSharp Beta 9

We are proud to announce the release of XSharp Beta 9.
This beta mainly focuses on bug fixes and compatibility With this build we consider the VO and Vulcan support completed: the complete Vulcan SDK compiles as well as 99.9% of the 3rd party products, such as ClassMate, ReportPro, bBrowser and Vn2Ado. You should have no problems compiling your Vulcan code with this build of X#.

Many changes to the compiler have been released before as Beta 8a and Beta 8b. We have made some more changes since beta 8b mostly as a result of your feedback, for which we are very grateful.

This build also includes updated Visual Studio integration. Unfortunately not with Code completion and other editor features, but we did make quite some changes to the build system and project system. Not all of these are directly visible, but we fixed some glitches, especially with regard to dependent items, resource compilation, the error list etc. We have now also enabled all the VO compatibility compiler options in the project properties dialog.
And if you are wondering "where is my intellisense": we have decided to delay the Code completion support until the next build because we were not completely satisfied with it.

You will also find quite some changes in the documentation. All of the compiler options are documentation now, and we have included a list of the most common error numbers and messages.

Today we are uploading both a build for our Friends Of XSharp (FOX) subscribers and a public build. This public build is identical to the FOX build but does not include the optimized version of the compiler.

Last but not least: our special 30% discount on the price of a FOX subscription was expiring this week. We have decided to extend this price until February 15th. Click here to subscribe now


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