XSharp Cahors 2.5a

Today we have released a new installer for XSharp Cahors 2.5a, which contains several fixes for issues that our FOX subscribers have reported in in the VS integration and runtime. There are NO compiler changes in this build.
Additionally, it includes new support for the Visual Studio task window.

The what's new document describing all the changes can be found here:

{rsfiles path="general/Readme/whatsnew25a.rtf"}

{rsfiles path="fox/Compiler/XSharpSetup25aFox.zip"}

Unless some important problem is found in the next couple days, also the public version of the 2.5a build will follow shortly.
Thank you to all of you for your continued support and invaluable help in further developing the XSharp product!



  • Robert
    just installed 2.5a and now I get always this runtime error:
    [Removed callstack]

    With 2.5 this worked without error.
    If you need more information then just ask for it.
  • Markus,
    I have moved the message contents to a Github ticket(where it belongs):

  • Robert,

    When i click on the [view source] button of e.g. the VFP DMY() function the .../XSharp.VFP/Functions.prg is opened instead of the ../XSharp.VFP/DateFunctions.prg. The same happens in other cases:

    e.g. CDX() location is .../XSharp.VFP/Cursors/DbFunctions.prg
    e.g. File2Str() location is .../XSharp.VFP/FileFunctions.prg
    e.g. ForceExt() location is .../XSharp.VFP/StringFunctions.prg

    I also noticed that for other functions like ASC (), PadR () etc. no [view source] button is shown.

    i installed the XSharpSetup24aFox.exe and there are no such chm problems.

  • It is referred as ╬ô├ç┬ú2.5a╬ô├ç┬Ñ and ╬ô├ç┬ú2.5.1╬ô├ç┬Ñ

    It should be consistent.

    BTW - I prefer the latter 2.5.1 I think that follows the more current ΓÇ£Symantec VersioningΓÇ¥ model that all the cool kids are using
  • Matt,
    I get your point. But seriously, we never went for "coolness".
    If we did then we'd be coding in one of the cool modern languages and not in X#.
  • Have used it for a few days now and happy to say I'm getting far fewer lock-ups and 'gold bar' messages in VS2017 compared to 2.4.