XSharp Cahors 2.8b

Today we have released an installer for XSharp Cahors 2.8b which contains some fixes for problems reported with X# 2.8a that was released a few weeks ago.

The what's new document describing all the changes can be found here:

{rsfiles path="general/Readme/whatsnew28b.rtf"}

{rsfiles path="fox/Compiler/XSharpSetup28bFox.zip"}



  • Hello X# Team,

    I will try this out today.

    Just curious. 2.8b on X# home page is dated May 17, 2021; while the 2.8a was May 17, 2021 as well.

    I was surprise when I see the 2.8b posted last May 17, 2021, how come I did not see until now? Maybe refresh issue.



    Rene J. Pajaron
  • Rene,
    Good catch.
    We copied the announcement message from May 17 and changed its content but forgot to update the "created date". I have done that now.
  • Thanks Roberts,

    I see it as June 8, 2021. So far, I have no show stopper with this build. and I was surprise that mouseover a function now gives me info tip flyout window showing where the function is defined including its arguments. This is not shown before 2.8b.