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Epe: September 28 2015.

We have just returned from a VERY successful DevShare Conference in the UK. Many thanks go to Phil Hepburn, Mike Bertenshaw, Dai Darkin and their spouses Sue and Sue for organizing this great event.

Our new XSharp initiative has received as very warm welcome at the conference, but also raised many questions. We would like to take the opportunity to repeat and answer the most common and most important question over here:

Why do you want to introduce a new compiler / competitor for a small market as Vulcan.NET?

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The announcement of te X# project has led to quite a lot of response.
Some people have asked questions about the availability of the product, others have asked questions about the features etc.
We have uploaded the presentation that Robert van der Hulst has done on the DevShare conference to help answer some of these questions.
Please click here to download the presentation.

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At the DevShare conference in Newent UK, Robert van der Hulst has presented the new XSharp project to the world.

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At the Devshare conference in Newent UK Robert van der Hulst has presented the new XSharp Development team:

  • Fabrice Foray
  • Nikos Kokkalis
  • Robert van der Hulst
  • And others that want to remain anonymous (for now)
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