Today we have released an installer for XSharp Cahors 2.9 which contains some fixes for problems reported with X# 2.8, and some new features, especially in the FoxPro compatibility area.

The what's new document describing all the changes can be found here:

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 A public installer for version 2.9 will be published in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the release of X# 2.9 we have now a special offer for new subscribers:

If you use the discount code X#29 when buying a FOX subscription in our online shop you will get a 30% discount.
This discount code is valid until Nov 30, 2021.



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We had promised to publish the link to the TV item that was broadcasted on October 2 and October 5 on Dutch Television.
In this TV item we have tried to explain why we think that Open Source software is important and helps people to secure their investment in software for the future.

We have recorded this item in cooperation with Oliver Grün, from Grün Software Group from Aachen, Germany and some of the employees of his company.


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On Thursday September 30 we will have another online X# session. The topic for this session will be the X# preprocessor and how you can use User Defined Commands (UDC) to simplify your code.
For developers with a Clipper or Xbase++ background the preprocessor will probably have no secrets.
For other developers the preprocessor will be something that they have heard of but most likely have never really used.

The session will cover topics such as:

  • when to use UDCs
  • what is the difference between #command, #xcommand, #translate and #xtranslate
  • match markers and result markers
  • #include files
  • conditional compilation using #ifdef
  • predefined preprocessor macros

We will also show some examples from the X# header files and from the X# runtime source code.

The session will be presented by Robert and will start at 16:00 CEST.

The video of this session is in our youtube channel:


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We have been asked to record a video for the Dutch TV program "Nederland Maakt Het" (The Netherlands Creates It).
The item will be broadcasted on Saturday October 2nd for the first time.
We will upload that video on this site about 1 week after the initial broadcast.

To give you an idea about the item here is a link to  the "teaser"


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We got some requests about the things we are currently working on. With this message we would like to give you some more information.

Short Term

We are working very hard on X# 2.9. This version will most likely be released end of September. The focus of this build is: stabilizing the compiler and runtime and improving performance of the VS integration and preparing for the move to Visual Studio 2022, which will be a 64 bits version of VS and preparing our VS integration for the move to .Net Core, .Net 5 and .Net 6. These 3 versions of the .Net framework come with tools that work with a new project file format (what’s called the SDK style projects).
As part of X# 2.9 we are also adding compiler support for the complete FoxPro language. Not all the runtime elements will be in place, but we will at least be able to compile all the FoxPro code. Some (unsupported) things will produce warnings.

Of course we are also fixing reported issues in the Runtime and Compiler.

Longer Term

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