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ace32.dll I was debugging and searched for some documantation and x#

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2024 10:53 am
by Dakadaka11
Hello there,

Im debugging deplhi software from around 2010 and I see it has database that is dbisam (https://www.elevatesoft.com/products?category=dbisam).
I made a script that can read and write via pyodbc to that database. What I also see that there are two databases: advantage and dbisam. But what driver does talk to dbisam? ace32.dll?
Now I want to find out how to see all inserts and select from the program to database with x64dbg.
I was watching in x64dbg under symbols: file ace32.dll and all called api to that dll and
then I searched online and found some documentation on your website.

What I searching for is: some documentation so I can see all queries inside x64dbg.
With programm called PeStudio I can go to exports and see all calls to functions
and that is same as bellow from x64dbg. Now the question is how to see what the queries are?
Is there a documentation on this ace32.dll? How to connect to database? How to call the ace32.dll with all arguments?

So maybe someone can help me on this?

Here is some dump from the program and call of all api of ace.dll
Address Type Ord Symbol Symbol (undecorated)
0C8E42F0 Export 212 ObsAdsEncryptBuffer
0C8E4310 Export 213 ObsAdsDecryptBuffer
0C8E82C0 Export 241 AdsGetLibraryVersion
0C8E8870 Export 1 AdsAddCustomKey
0C8E8A70 Export 2 AdsAppendRecord
0C8E8C70 Export 3 AdsApplicationExit
0C8E8D20 Export 4 AdsAtBOF
0C8E8F20 Export 5 AdsAtEOF
0C8E9120 Export 6 AdsBeginTransaction
0C8E9350 Export 7 AdsBinaryToFile
0C8E9550 Export 279 AdsCacheOpenCursors
0C8E9610 Export 8 AdsCacheOpenTables
0C8E96D0 Export 242 AdsCacheRecords
0C8E98D0 Export 196 AdsCancelUpdate
0C8E9AD0 Export 491 AdsCancelUpdate90
0C8E9CF0 Export 167 AdsCheckExistence
0C8E9F40 Export 9 AdsClearAllScopes
0C8EA140 Export 205 AdsClearDefault
0C8EA1F0 Export 10 AdsClearFilter
0C8EA3F0 Export 13 AdsClearProgressCallback
0C8EA4A0 Export 14 AdsClearRelation
0C8EA6A0 Export 15 AdsClearScope
0C8EA8A0 Export 210 AdsCloneTable
0C8EAAA0 Export 16 AdsCloseAllIndexes
0C8EACE0 Export 17 AdsCloseAllTables
0C8EADE0 Export 18 AdsCloseIndex
0C8EB030 Export 19 AdsCloseTable
0C8EB290 Export 438 AdsCloseCachedTables
0C8EB4D0 Export 20 AdsCommitTransaction
0C8EB6E0 Export 21 AdsConnect
0C8EB7E0 Export 302 AdsConnect26
0C8EB8E0 Export 315 AdsConnect60
0C8EB9F0 Export 558 AdsConnect101
0C8EBAF0 Export 602 AdsClearCachePool
0C8EBC10 Export 605 AdsReapUnusedConnections
0C8EBD30 Export 449 AdsIsConnectionAlive
0C8EBF40 Export 22 AdsContinue
0C8EC170 Export 248 AdsConvertTable
0C8EC3D0 Export 23 AdsCopyTable
0C8EC600 Export 24 AdsCopyTableContents
0C8EC850 Export 25 AdsCopyTableStructure
0C8ECA90 Export 480 AdsCopyTableStructure81
0C8ECCE0 Export 26 AdsCreateIndex
0C8ECF20 Export 380 AdsCreateIndex61
0C8ED160 Export 508 AdsCreateIndex90
0C8ED3A0 Export 109 ?AdsCreateMemTableGuts@@YGKKPAEGG0K0PAK@Z unsigned long __stdcall AdsCreateMemTableGuts(unsigned long, unsigned char *, unsigned short, unsigned short, unsigned char *, unsigned long, unsigned char *, unsigned long *)
0C8ED690 Export 431 AdsCreateMemTable
0C8ED7A0 Export 493 AdsCreateMemTable90
0C8EE020 Export 492 AdsCreateTable90
0C8EE160 Export 441 AdsCreateTable71
0C8EE2A0 Export 27 AdsCreateTable
0C8EE3D0 Export 309 AdsDDClose
0C8EE4D0 Export 308 AdsDDCreate
0C8EE6D0 Export 559 AdsDDCreate101
0C8EE8C0 Export 424 AdsDDCreateASA
0C8EEAC0 Export 562 AdsDDCreateASA101
0C8EECC0 Export 310 AdsDDOpen
0C8EEEB0 Export 311 AdsDDGetDatabaseProperty
0C8EF140 Export 332 AdsDDGetFieldProperty
0C8EF3D0 Export 335 AdsDDGetIndexFileProperty
0C8EF650 Export 360 AdsDDGetIndexProperty
0C8EF8D0 Export 399 AdsDDGetLinkProperty
0C8EFB50 Export 376 AdsDDVerifyUserRights
0C8EFD90 Export 369 AdsDDGetTableOpenOptions
0C8F0030 Export 316 AdsDDGetTableProperty
0C8F02B0 Export 337 AdsDDGetRefIntegrityProperty
0C8F0530 Export 312 AdsDDSetDatabaseProperty
0C8F07C0 Export 331 AdsDDSetFieldProperty
0C8F0A80 Export 368 AdsDDSetObjectAccessRights
0C8F0CC0 Export 317 AdsDDSetTableProperty
0C8F0F60 Export 472 AdsDDSetTriggerProperty
0C8F11B0 Export 371 AdsDDSetUserGroupProperty
0C8F1400 Export 367 AdsDDSetUserProperty
0C8F1650 Export 445 AdsDDSetViewProperty
0C8F18C0 Export 446 AdsDDSetProcedureProperty
0C8F1B10 Export 147 ?AdsDDAddTableGuts@@YGKKPAE0GG000@Z unsigned long __stdcall AdsDDAddTableGuts(unsigned long, unsigned char *, unsigned char *, unsigned short, unsigned short, unsigned char *, unsigned char *, unsigned char *)
0C8F1D00 Export 313 AdsDDAddTable
0C8F1E10 Export 494 AdsDDAddTable90
0C8F1F30 Export 340 AdsDDAddView
0C8F2190 Export 554 AdsDDAddView100
0C8F23F0 Export 411 AdsDDCreateTrigger
0C8F2670 Export 555 AdsDDCreateTrigger100
0C8F2900 Export 412 AdsDDRemoveTrigger
0C8F2B30 Export 455 AdsDDCreatePublication
0C8F2D70 Export 456 AdsDDGetPublicationProperty
0C8F2FF0 Export 457 AdsDDSetPublicationProperty
0C8F3240 Export 458 AdsDDDeletePublication
0C8F3470 Export 459 AdsDDCreateArticle
0C8F36C0 Export 550 AdsDDCreateArticle100
0C8F3910 Export 460 AdsDDGetArticleProperty
0C8F3B90 Export 461 AdsDDSetArticleProperty
0C8F3DE0 Export 462 AdsDDDeleteArticle
0C8F4020 Export 463 AdsDDCreateSubscription
0C8F42A0 Export 464 AdsDDGetSubscriptionProperty
0C8F4520 Export 465 AdsDDSetSubscriptionProperty
0C8F4770 Export 466 AdsDDDeleteSubscription
0C8F49A0 Export 341 AdsDDRemoveView
0C8F4BD0 Export 370 AdsDDGetUserGroupProperty
0C8F4E50 Export 361 AdsDDGetUserProperty
0C8F50D0 Export 358 AdsDDGetProcedureProperty
0C8F5350 Export 342 AdsDDGetViewProperty
0C8F55D0 Export 413 AdsDDGetTriggerProperty
0C8F5850 Export 350 AdsDDCreateUser
0C8F5AA0 Export 351 AdsDDAddUserToGroup
0C8F5CE0 Export 353 AdsDDRemoveUserFromGroup
0C8F5F20 Export 352 AdsDDDeleteUser
0C8F6150 Export 354 AdsDDCreateUserGroup
0C8F6390 Export 355 AdsDDDeleteUserGroup
0C8F65C0 Export 333 AdsDDAddIndexFile
0C8F6820 Export 339 AdsDDDeleteIndex
0C8F6A70 Export 338 AdsDDRemoveIndexFile
0C8F6CD0 Export 314 AdsDDRemoveTable
0C8F6F20 Export 450 AdsDDRenameObject
0C8F7180 Export 451 AdsDDMoveObjectFile
0C8F73E0 Export 319 AdsDDFindFirstObject
0C8F7630 Export 320 AdsDDFindNextObject
0C8F7870 Export 321 AdsDDFindClose
0C8F7AA0 Export 181 AdsDDCreateLink
0C8F7CF0 Export 444 AdsDDModifyLink
0C8F7F50 Export 182 AdsDDDropLink
0C8F81C0 Export 392 AdsDDGetPermissions
0C8F8420 Export 393 AdsDDGrantPermission
0C8F8680 Export 394 AdsDDRevokePermission
0C8F88D0 Export 398 AdsGetActiveLinkInfo
0C8F8B20 Export 179 AdsGetNumActiveLinks
0C8F8D90 Export 282 AdsDecryptRecord
0C8F8F80 Export 28 AdsDecryptTable
0C8F9170 Export 29 AdsDeleteCustomKey
0C8F9370 Export 30 AdsDeleteIndex
0C8F9570 Export 31 AdsDeleteRecord
0C8F9770 Export 433 AdsGetKeyColumn
0C8F9970 Export 12 AdsDisableEncryption
0C8F9B60 Export 32 AdsDisconnect
0C8F9DA0 Export 148 AdsEnableEncryption
0C8F9FA0 Export 281 AdsEncryptRecord
0C8FA190 Export 33 AdsEncryptTable
0C8FA380 Export 34 AdsEvalLogicalExpr
0C8FA580 Export 551 AdsEvalLogicalExprW
0C8FA780 Export 35 AdsEvalNumericExpr
0C8FA980 Export 36 AdsEvalStringExpr
0C8FAB90 Export 37 AdsEvalTestExpr
0C8FAD90 Export 252 AdsInitRawKey
0C8FAF90 Export 253 AdsBuildRawKey
0C8FB1A0 Export 543 AdsBuildRawKey100
0C8FB3C0 Export 38 AdsExtractKey
0C8FB5D0 Export 39 AdsFailedTransactionRecovery
0C8FB680 Export 40 AdsFileToBinary
0C8FB890 Export 41 AdsFindConnection
0C8FBA30 Export 289 AdsFindConnection25
0C8FBBD0 Export 42 AdsGetAllIndexes
0C8FBDD0 Export 43 AdsGetAllLocks
0C8FBFD0 Export 44 AdsGetAllTables
0C8FC080 Export 45 AdsGetBinary
0C8FC290 Export 46 AdsGetBinaryLength
0C8FC490 Export 47 AdsGetBookmark
0C8FC690 Export 372 AdsGetBookmark60
0C8FC8A0 Export 375 AdsGotoBookmark60
0C8FCAC0 Export 373 AdsGetBookmarkLength
0C8FCCC0 Export 374 AdsCompareBookmarks
0C8FCD80 Export 531 AdsGetIntProperty
0C8FCF90 Export 48 AdsGetCollationLang
0C8FD040 Export 500 AdsGetCollation
0C8FD230 Export 165 AdsGetColumnPermissions
0C8FD450 Export 209 AdsGetConnectionType
0C8FD660 Export 528 AdsGetTransactionCount
0C8FD870 Export 423 AdsGetConnectionPath
0C8FDA80 Export 439 AdsGetConnectionProperty
0C8FDCA0 Export 49 AdsGetDate
0C8FDEB0 Export 50 AdsGetDateFormat
0C8FDFE0 Export 386 AdsGetDateFormat60
0C8FE280 Export 51 AdsGetDecimals
0C8FE330 Export 52 AdsGetDefault
0C8FE3E0 Export 53 AdsGetDeleted
0C8FE490 Export 54 AdsGetDouble
0C8FE6A0 Export 55 AdsGetEpoch
0C8FE750 Export 56 AdsGetErrorString
0C8FE800 Export 57 AdsGetExact
0C8FE8B0 Export 255 AdsGetExact22
0C8FEAD0 Export 58 AdsGetField
0C8FECE0 Export 524 AdsGetFieldW
0C8FEEF0 Export 328 AdsGetFieldRaw
0C8FF100 Export 59 AdsGetFieldDecimals
0C8FF300 Export 60 AdsGetFieldLength
0C8FF500 Export 61 AdsGetFieldName
0C8FF710 Export 62 AdsGetFieldNum
0C8FF910 Export 343 AdsGetBaseFieldNum
0C8FFB30 Export 344 AdsGetBaseFieldName
0C8FFD50 Export 63 AdsGetFieldOffset
0C8FFF50 Export 64 AdsGetFieldType
0C900150 Export 65 AdsGetFilter
0C900360 Export 66 AdsGetHandleLong
0C900580 Export 202 AdsGetHandleType
0C9007A0 Export 67 AdsGetIndexCondition
0C9009B0 Export 68 AdsGetIndexExpr
0C900BC0 Export 69 AdsGetIndexFilename
0C900DD0 Export 70 AdsGetIndexHandle
0C900FD0 Export 204 AdsGetIndexHandleByOrder
0C9011D0 Export 266 AdsGetIndexHandleByExpr
0C9013E0 Export 71 AdsGetIndexName
0C9015F0 Export 207 AdsGetIndexOrderByHandle
0C901830 Export 188 AdsGetJulian
0C901A40 Export 72 AdsGetKeyCount
0C901C50 Export 73 AdsGetKeyNum
0C901E60 Export 189 AdsGetKeyLength
0C902070 Export 173 AdsGetKeyType
0C902280 Export 74 AdsGetLastError
0C9023E0 Export 203 AdsGetLastTableUpdate
0C9025E0 Export 75 AdsGetLogical
0C9027E0 Export 76 AdsGetLong
0C9029E0 Export 418 AdsGetLongLong
0C902BE0 Export 469 AdsGetMemoBlockSize
0C902DE0 Export 195 AdsGetMemoDataType
0C902FE0 Export 77 AdsGetMemoLength
0C9031E0 Export 250 AdsGetMilliseconds
0C9033E0 Export 415 AdsGetMoney
0C9035F0 Export 78 AdsGetNumFields
0C9037F0 Export 79 AdsGetNumIndexes
0C903A20 Export 80 AdsGetNumLocks
0C903C20 Export 81 AdsGetNumOpenTables
0C903CD0 Export 83 AdsGetRecord
0C903ED0 Export 84 AdsGetRecordCount
0C9040E0 Export 85 AdsGetRecordNum
0C9042E0 Export 86 AdsGetRecordLength
0C9044E0 Export 440 AdsGetRecordCRC
0C9046E0 Export 87 AdsGetRelKeyPos
0C904920 Export 88 AdsGetScope
0C904B30 Export 387 AdsGetROWIDPrefix
0C904D40 Export 89 AdsGetSearchPath
0C904DF0 Export 90 AdsGetServerName
0C905000 Export 247 AdsGetShort
0C905210 Export 91 AdsGetString
0C905420 Export 522 AdsGetStringW
0C905630 Export 390 AdsGetSQLStmtParams
0C905730 Export 408 AdsRemoveSQLComments
0C905820 Export 245 AdsGetTime
0C905A30 Export 92 AdsGetTableAlias
0C905C30 Export 93 AdsGetTableCharType
0C905E30 Export 208 AdsGetTableConnection
0C906050 Export 94 AdsGetTableFilename
0C906280 Export 95 AdsGetTableHandle
0C906420 Export 275 AdsGetTableHandle25
0C906640 Export 96 AdsGetTableLockType
0C906840 Export 97 AdsGetTableMemoSize
0C906A40 Export 98 AdsGetTableOpenOptions
0C906C60 Export 99 AdsGetTableRights
0C906E60 Export 100 AdsGetTableType
0C907060 Export 101 AdsGetVersion
0C907120 Export 102 AdsGotoBookmark
0C907320 Export 103 AdsGotoBottom
0C907510 Export 104 AdsGotoRecord
0C907710 Export 105 AdsGotoTop
0C907900 Export 200 AdsImageToClipboard
0C907B00 Export 106 AdsInTransaction
0C907D10 Export 107 AdsIsEmpty
0C907F10 Export 108 AdsIsExprValid
0C908110 Export 110 AdsIsFound
0C908310 Export 111 AdsIsIndexCompound
0C908520 Export 504 AdsIsIndexCandidate
0C908730 Export 505 AdsIsIndexNullable
0C908940 Export 112 AdsIsIndexCustom
0C908B50 Export 113 AdsIsIndexDescending
0C908D50 Export 448 AdsIsIndexPrimaryKey
0C908F60 Export 435 AdsIsIndexFTS
0C909170 Export 114 AdsIsIndexUnique
0C909380 Export 190 AdsIsRecordDeleted
0C909580 Export 115 AdsIsRecordEncrypted
0C909780 Export 116 AdsIsRecordLocked
0C9099C0 Export 285 AdsIsRecordVisible
0C909BC0 Export 117 AdsIsServerLoaded
0C909C70 Export 118 AdsIsTableEncrypted
0C909E70 Export 119 AdsIsTableLocked
0C90A070 Export 120 AdsLocate
0C90A280 Export 121 AdsLockRecord
0C90A480 Export 122 AdsLockTable
0C90A670 Export 251 AdsLookupKey
0C90A890 Export 191 AdsNullTerminateStrings
0C90A940 Export 557 AdsFindServers
0C90A9F0 Export 545 AdsSetRightsChecking
0C90AAA0 Export 123 AdsOpenIndex
0C90B2E0 Export 124 AdsOpenTable
0C90B410 Export 486 AdsOpenTable90
0C90B540 Export 560 AdsOpenTable101
0C90B8A0 Export 125 AdsPackTable
0C90BA90 Export 126 AdsRecallRecord
0C90BC90 Export 436 AdsRecallAllRecords
0C90BE90 Export 197 AdsRefreshRecord
0C90C090 Export 127 AdsRegisterProgressCallback
0C90C140 Export 128 AdsReindex
0C90C360 Export 381 AdsReindex61
0C90C580 Export 129 AdsRollbackTransaction
0C90C7A0 Export 130 AdsSeek
0C90C9C0 Export 131 AdsSeekLast
0C90CBE0 Export 132 AdsSetBinary
0C90CE10 Export 133 AdsSetCollationLang
0C90CEC0 Export 499 AdsSetCollation
0C90D110 Export 134 AdsSetDate
0C90D320 Export 135 AdsSetDateFormat
0C90D410 Export 377 AdsSetDateFormat60
0C90D670 Export 136 AdsSetDecimals
0C90D740 Export 137 AdsSetDefault
0C90D7F0 Export 138 AdsSetDouble
0C90DA10 Export 139 AdsSetEmpty
0C90DC10 Export 140 AdsSetEpoch
0C90DCE0 Export 141 AdsSetExact
0C90DDA0 Export 254 AdsSetExact22
0C90DFA0 Export 142 AdsSetField
0C90E1B0 Export 523 AdsSetFieldW
0C90E3C0 Export 143 AdsSetFilter
0C90E5C0 Export 533 AdsSetFilter100
0C90E7D0 Export 144 AdsSetHandleLong
0C90E9F0 Export 193 AdsSetJulian
0C90EC00 Export 145 AdsSetLogical
0C90EE10 Export 146 AdsSetLong
0C90F020 Export 417 AdsSetLongLong
0C90F230 Export 249 AdsSetMilliseconds
0C90F440 Export 149 AdsSetRecord
0C90F650 Export 617 _AdsSetRecordPartial@12
0C90F850 Export 150 AdsSetRelation
0C90FA50 Export 151 AdsSetRelKeyPos
0C90FC60 Export 152 AdsSetScope
0C90FE80 Export 153 AdsSetScopedRelation
0C910080 Export 154 AdsSetSearchPath
0C910130 Export 201 AdsSetServerType
0C9101E0 Export 246 AdsSetShort
0C9103F0 Export 155 AdsSetString
0C910600 Export 521 AdsSetStringW
0C910810 Export 608 AdsSetStringFromCodePage
0C910A30 Export 244 AdsSetTime
0C910C40 Export 156 AdsShowDeleted
0C910D00 Export 329 AdsDisableLocalConnections
0C910DB0 Export 157 AdsShowError
0C910E60 Export 158 AdsSkip
0C911060 Export 510 AdsSkipUnique
0C911270 Export 159 AdsThreadExit
0C911310 Export 160 AdsUnlockRecord
0C911510 Export 161 AdsUnlockTable
0C911700 Export 214 AdsVerifyPassword
0C9118E0 Export 283 AdsIsEncryptionEnabled
0C911AE0 Export 162 AdsWriteAllRecords
0C911B80 Export 163 AdsWriteRecord
0C911DA0 Export 164 AdsZapTable
0C911F90 Export 263 AdsCreateSQLStatement
0C912190 Export 267 AdsPrepareSQL
0C9123C0 Export 525 AdsPrepareSQLW
0C9125F0 Export 603 AdsCachePrepareSQL
0C912800 Export 604 AdsCachePrepareSQLW
0C912A10 Export 264 AdsExecuteSQL
0C912C70 Export 265 AdsExecuteSQLDirect
0C912DE0 Export 526 AdsExecuteSQLDirectW
0C912F50 Export 262 AdsCloseSQLStatement
0C9131B0 Export 291 AdsStmtEnableEncryption
0C9133E0 Export 292 AdsStmtDisableEncryption
0C913620 Export 293 AdsStmtSetTablePassword
0C913860 Export 294 AdsStmtClearTablePasswords
0C913AA0 Export 304 AdsStmtSetOptimization
0C913AB0 Export 272 AdsStmtSetTableRights
0C913CE0 Export 271 AdsStmtSetTableReadOnly
0C913F10 Export 270 AdsStmtSetTableLockType
0C914140 Export 269 AdsStmtSetTableCharType
0C914370 Export 273 AdsStmtSetTableType
0C9145A0 Export 280 AdsStmtConstrainUpdates
0C9147E0 Export 383 AdsStmtReadAllColumns
0C914A10 Export 501 AdsStmtSetTableCollation
0C914C80 Export 274 AdsClearSQLParams
0C914EB0 Export 268 AdsSetTimeStamp
0C9150C0 Export 295 AdsGetServerTime
0C9152E0 Export 546 AdsSetTableTransactionFree
0C9154E0 Export 547 AdsIsTableTransactionFree
0C9156E0 Export 297 AdsRegisterSQLAbortFunc
0C915790 Export 298 AdsClearSQLAbortFunc
0C915840 Export 300 AdsIsIndexUserDefined
0C915A50 Export 166 AdsBuildKeyFromRecord
0C915C70 Export 186 AdsClearLastError
0C915D10 Export 187 AdsDeleteFile
0C915F30 Export 169 AdsDeleteTable
0C916120 Export 170 AdsFindClose
0C916320 Export 171 AdsFindFirstTable
0C916540 Export 402 AdsFindFirstTable62
0C916770 Export 172 AdsFindNextTable
0C916980 Export 403 AdsFindNextTable62
0C916BA0 Export 178 AdsGetIndexFlags
0C916DE0 Export 174 AdsGetNumSegments
0C916FF0 Export 175 AdsGetRecordPointer
0C917220 Export 176 AdsGetSegmentFieldname
0C917430 Export 177 AdsGetSegmentOffset
0C917670 Export 349 AdsGetSegmentFieldNumbers
0C917890 Export 180 AdsMemCompare
0C9179A0 Export 497 AdsMemCompare90
0C917AB0 Export 442 AdsMemICompare
0C917BC0 Export 498 AdsMemICompare90
0C917CD0 Export 443 AdsMemLwr
0C917DD0 Export 496 AdsMemLwr90
0C917ED0 Export 206 AdsSetFieldRaw
0C9180E0 Export 194 AdsSetLastError
0C918190 Export 192 AdsSetInternalError
0C918240 Export 416 AdsSetMoney
0C918450 Export 198 AdsSetTableCharType
0C918650 Export 168 AdsConvertKeyToDouble
0C918700 Export 184 AdsConvertJulianToString
0C9187C0 Export 183 AdsConvertStringToJulian
0C918870 Export 261 AdsConvertMillisecondsToString
0C918920 Export 260 AdsConvertStringToMilliseconds
0C9189D0 Export 185 AdsSetCollationSequence
0C918A80 Export 199 AdsImageToHBitmap
0C918C90 Export 211 AdsSetBOFFlag
0C918E90 Export 215 AdsDBFDateToString
0C918F40 Export 243 AdsExtractPathPart
0C919000 Export 256 AdsExpressionLongToShort
0C919240 Export 257 AdsExpressionShortToLong
0C919470 Export 511 AdsExpressionLongToShort90
0C919690 Export 544 AdsExpressionLongToShort100
0C9198B0 Export 512 AdsExpressionShortToLong90
0C919AC0 Export 259 AdsIsSegmentDescending
0C919D00 Export 299 AdsSqlPeekStatement
0C919F00 Export 276 AdsSetTimeStampRaw
0C91A110 Export 277 AdsSetCursorAOF
0C91A310 Export 345 AdsGetCursorAOF
0C91A520 Export 278 AdsClearCursorAOF
0C91A740 Export 284 AdsClearRecordBuffer
0C91A940 Export 542 AdsParseExpr100
0C91AB70 Export 286 AdsParseExpr
0C91AD80 Export 287 AdsEvalExpr
0C91AF90 Export 288 AdsFreeExpr
0C91B1C0 Export 296 AdsIsIndexExprValid
0C91B3C0 Export 239 AdsMgConnect
0C91B570 Export 240 AdsMgDisconnect
0C91B650 Export 224 AdsMgGetCommStats
0C91B860 Export 225 AdsMgGetConfigInfo
0C91BA80 Export 226 AdsMgGetActivityInfo
0C91BC90 Export 227 AdsMgGetInstallInfo
0C91BEA0 Export 228 AdsMgResetCommStats
0C91C0A0 Export 229 AdsMgDumpInternalTables
0C91C2A0 Export 230 AdsMgGetUserNames
0C91C4C0 Export 231 AdsMgGetOpenTables
0C91C6F0 Export 232 AdsMgGetOpenIndexes
0C91C920 Export 233 AdsMgGetLocks
0C91CB50 Export 234 AdsMgGetServerType
0C91CD60 Export 235 AdsMgKillUser
0C91CF80 Export 236 AdsMgGetWorkerThreadActivity
0C91D190 Export 237 AdsMgGetLockOwner
0C91D3D0 Export 325 AdsMergeAOF
0C91D5D0 Export 216 AdsSetAOF
0C91D7D0 Export 536 AdsSetAOF100
0C91D9E0 Export 366 AdsAddToAOF
0C91DBF0 Export 218 AdsClearAOF
0C91DDF0 Export 219 AdsRefreshAOF
0C91DFF0 Export 220 AdsActivateAOF
0C91E1E0 Export 221 AdsDeactivateAOF
0C91E3D0 Export 222 AdsGetAOF
0C91E5D0 Export 537 AdsGetAOF100
0C91E7F0 Export 223 AdsGetAOFOptLevel
0C91EA00 Export 539 AdsGetAOFOptLevel100
0C91EC20 Export 217 AdsEvalAOF
0C91EE20 Export 538 AdsEvalAOF100
0C91F040 Export 238 AdsIsRecordInAOF
0C91F240 Export 258 AdsCustomizeAOF
0C91F450 Export 301 AdsRegisterUDF
0C91F650 Export 362 AdsSetFlushFlag
0C91F860 Export 303 AdsStepIndexKey
0C91FA70 Export 305 AdsPrepareSQLNow
0C91FCB0 Export 529 AdsPrepareSQLNowW
0C91FEF0 Export 485 AdsGetPreparedFields
0C920140 Export 401 AdsVerifySQL
0C920370 Export 530 AdsVerifySQLW
0C9205A0 Export 306 AdsGetNumParams
0C9207D0 Export 307 AdsEcho
0C9209E0 Export 323 AdsReadRecords
0C920BF0 Export 324 AdsReadRecordNumbers
0C920E10 Export 318 AdsDDCreateRefIntegrity
0C9210B0 Export 397 AdsDDCreateRefIntegrity62
0C921380 Export 334 AdsDDRemoveRefIntegrity
0C921600 Export 327 AdsSetupRI
0C921850 Export 290 AdsPerformRI
0C921A70 Export 330 AdsLockRecordImplicitly
0C921C70 Export 336 AdsGetLastAutoinc
0C922070 Export 616 _AdsRestructureTableGuts@48
0C9229A0 Export 322 AdsRestructureTable
0C922AD0 Export 495 AdsRestructureTable90
0C922C00 Export 346 AdsGetSQLStatementHandle
0C922E40 Export 347 AdsGetSQLStatement
0C923080 Export 348 AdsRefreshView
0C9232A0 Export 356 AdsDDAddProcedure
0C923500 Export 549 AdsDDAddProcedure100
0C923760 Export 357 AdsDDRemoveProcedure
0C9239A0 Export 359 AdsDDExecuteProcedure
0C923BF0 Export 535 AdsDDGetProcInterfaceVersion
0C923E50 Export 363 AdsGetRILookupInfo
0C924060 Export 364 AdsSetPacketSize
0C924270 Export 365 AdsVerifyRI
0C924480 Export 378 AdsFlushFileBuffers
0C924670 Export 379 AdsDDDeployDatabase
0C924760 Export 382 AdsGetIndexPageSize
0C924970 Export 384 AdsDDAutoCreateTable
0C924BB0 Export 385 AdsDDAutoCreateIndex
0C924DF0 Export 388 AdsRegisterCallbackFunction
0C924EA0 Export 601 AdsRegisterCallbackFunction101
0C924F50 Export 389 AdsClearCallbackFunction
0C924FF0 Export 391 AdsSetBaseTableAccess
0C9251F0 Export 395 AdsCopyTableTop
0C925420 Export 548 AdsCopyTableTop100
0C925650 Export 396 AdsGetNullRecord
0C925850 Export 400 AdsSetProperty
0C925A60 Export 484 AdsSetProperty90
0C925C80 Export 405 AdsDisableUniqueEnforcement
0C925D90 Export 404 AdsEnableUniqueEnforcement
0C925EA0 Export 407 AdsDisableRI
0C925FC0 Export 406 AdsEnableRI
0C9260F0 Export 410 AdsDisableAutoIncEnforcement
0C926200 Export 409 AdsEnableAutoIncEnforcement
0C926310 Export 414 AdsGotoBOF
0C926510 Export 515 AdsGotoEOF
0C926710 Export 430 AdsPullTrigger
0C926930 Export 483 AdsCloseCachedTrigStatements
0C926B20 Export 534 AdsAreTriggersEnabled
0C926D20 Export 419 AdsCreateFTSIndex
0C926FA0 Export 420 AdsReindexFTS
0C9271C0 Export 421 AdsGetNumFTSIndexes
0C9273F0 Export 422 AdsGetFTSIndexes
0C9275F0 Export 428 AdsGetFTSIndexInfo
0C927850 Export 564 AdsGetFTSIndexInfoW
0C927AB0 Export 474 AdsGetTableCreationString
0C927B10 Export 610 AdsGetFieldCreationString
0C927D70 Export 611 AdsGetInsertStatementW
0C927F90 Export 612 AdsGetUpdateStatementW
0C9281C0 Export 613 AdsGetDeleteStatementW
0C9283E0 Export 614 AdsGetMergeStatementW
0C928610 Export 615 AdsGetSelectStatementW
0C928830 Export 429 AdsGetTableWAN
0C9288B0 Export 563 AdsGetIndexInfo
0C928B10 Export 432 AdsGetFTSScore
0C928D40 Export 434 AdsResetConnection
0C928F40 Export 437 AdsConvertDateToJulian
0C929150 Export 447 AdsDDSetActiveDictionary
0C9293A0 Export 452 AdsCreateCriticalSection
0C9295D0 Export 453 AdsWaitForObject
0C9297D0 Export 454 AdsReleaseObject
0C9299F0 Export 467 AdsRollbackTransaction80
0C929C10 Export 468 AdsCreateSavepoint
0C929E30 Export 470 AdsDDDisableTriggers
0C92A070 Export 471 AdsDDEnableTriggers
0C92A2B0 Export 475 AdsDDCreateFunction
0C92A530 Export 552 AdsDDCreateFunction100
0C92A7C0 Export 476 AdsDDDropFunction
0C92AA20 Export 477 AdsDDGetObjectProperty
0C92AC80 Export 556 AdsDDGetObjectProperty100
0C92AEF0 Export 482 AdsDDSetObjectProperty
0C92B150 Export 553 AdsDDSetObjectProperty100
0C92B3B0 Export 478 AdsDDCreatePackage
0C92B610 Export 479 AdsDDDropPackage
0C92B870 Export 473 AdsDDFreeTable
0C92B920 Export 481 AdsDDSetIndexProperty
0C92BB80 Export 487 AdsIsFieldBinary
0C92BD80 Export 488 AdsIsNull
0C92BF80 Export 489 AdsIsNullable
0C92C180 Export 490 AdsSetNull
0C92C380 Export 502 AdsGetTableCollation
0C92C590 Export 503 AdsGetIndexCollation
0C92C7A0 Export 506 AdsGetDataLength
0C92C9B0 Export 609 AdsGetKeyFilter
0C92CC10 Export 507 AdsAccessVfpSystemField
0C92CE30 Export 509 AdsSetIndexDirection
0C92D040 Export 513 AdsMgKillUser90
0C92D240 Export 514 AdsSetSQLTimeout
0C92D480 Export 527 AdsGetFieldLength100
0C92D690 Export 516 AdsOpenFileRaw
0C92D8D0 Export 519 AdsCloseFile
0C92DB50 Export 517 AdsReadFile
0C92DD80 Export 518 AdsSeekInFile
0C92DFB0 Export 520 AdsGetFilePosition
0C92E210 Export 540 AdsConvertUnicodeToCodePage
0C92E440 Export 541 AdsConvertCodePageToUnicode
0C92E670 Export 600 AdsStmtGetCursorHandle
0C92E8A0 Export 606 AdsStmtGetNumParams
0C92EAD0 Export 607 AdsGetConnectionHandle
0C92FFC0 Export 11 ?ACEReceiveCallback@@YGKEPAE@Z unsigned long __stdcall ACEReceiveCallback(unsigned char, unsigned char *)
0C930200 Export 82 ?ACEReceiveSQLCallback@@YGKEPAE@Z unsigned long __stdcall ACEReceiveSQLCallback(unsigned char, unsigned char *)
0C940820 Export 425 AdsInitTokenBuffer
0C940890 Export 426 AdsMakeNameUnique
0C940940 Export 427 AdsFreeTokenBuffer
0C948240 Export 561 AdsWriteMiniDump
0C94DE70 Export 326 ?axConnect101@@YGGPAEPAUCOMM_INFO@@1PAGPAIG0GKK@Z unsigned short __stdcall axConnect101(unsigned char *, struct COMM_INFO *, struct COMM_INFO *, unsigned short *, unsigned int *, unsigned short, unsigned char *, unsigned short, unsigned long, unsigned long)
0C94E070 Export 619 _axCommReq@12
0C94E100 Export 623 _axSetPacketSize@8
0C94E150 Export 621 _axDisconnect@4
0C94E180 Export 622 _axSetGaugeCallback@8
0C94E1D0 Export 618 _WSFindAdvantage@12
0C94E200 Export 532 ?axUnused@@YGXXZ void __stdcall axUnused(void)
0C94E210 Export 620 _axConnectLocal60@28
0C9CEEE0 Export 565 ads_affected_rows
0C9CEF00 Export 566 ads_bind_param
0C9CF120 Export 599 ads_cancel
0C9CF170 Export 567 ads_clear_error
0C9CF180 Export 568 ads_client_version
0C9CF1C0 Export 569 ads_commit
0C9CF1F0 Export 570 ads_connect
0C9CF220 Export 571 ads_describe_bind_param
0C9CF250 Export 572 ads_disconnect
0C9CF280 Export 573 ads_error
0C9CF600 Export 574 ads_execute
0C9CF680 Export 575 ads_execute_direct
0C9CF740 Export 576 ads_execute_immediate
0C9CF7F0 Export 577 ads_fetch_absolute
0C9CF830 Export 578 ads_fetch_next
0C9CF8B0 Export 579 ads_fini
0C9CF8C0 Export 580 ads_free_connection
0C9CF900 Export 581 ads_free_stmt
0C9CF920 Export 582 ads_get_bind_param_info
0C9CFBE0 Export 583 ads_get_column
0C9CFCF0 Export 584 ads_get_column_info
0C9CFE00 Export 585 ads_get_data
0C9CFE90 Export 586 ads_get_data_info
0C9CFF70 Export 589 ads_make_connection
0C9CFF70 Export 587 ads_get_next_result
0C9CFF80 Export 588 ads_init
0C9CFFA0 Export 590 ads_new_connection
0C9CFFD0 Export 591 ads_num_cols
0C9D0020 Export 592 ads_num_params
0C9D0050 Export 593 ads_num_rows
0C9D00A0 Export 594 ads_prepare
0C9D0120 Export 595 ads_reset
0C9D0160 Export 596 ads_rollback
0C9D0190 Export 597 ads_send_param_data
0C9D01D0 Export 598 ads_sqlstate
0C9FF1DC Export 0 OptionalHeader.AddressOfEntryPoint
0CA14000 Import advapi32.GetUserNameA
0CA14008 Import crypt32.CertGetNameStringA
0CA14010 Import gdi32.CreateDIBitmap
0CA14018 Import kernel32.GetLocaleInfoA
0CA1401C Import kernel32.GetStringTypeW
0CA14020 Import kernel32.GetStringTypeA
0CA14024 Import kernel32.SetEndOfFile
0CA14028 Import kernel32.WriteConsoleW
0CA1402C Import kernel32.GetConsoleOutputCP
0CA14030 Import kernel32.WriteConsoleA
0CA14034 Import kernel32.GetEnvironmentStringsW
0CA14038 Import kernel32.FreeEnvironmentStringsW
0CA1403C Import kernel32.GetEnvironmentStrings
0CA14040 Import kernel32.FreeEnvironmentStringsA
0CA14044 Import kernel32.FlushFileBuffers
0CA14048 Import kernel32.GetCurrentDirectoryA
0CA1404C Import kernel32.RtlUnwind
0CA14050 Import kernel32.LCMapStringW
0CA14054 Import kernel32.LCMapStringA
0CA14058 Import ntdll.HeapSize
0CA1405C Import kernel32.FindFirstFileA
0CA14060 Import kernel32.GetLastError
0CA14064 Import kernel32.MoveFileA
0CA14068 Import kernel32.CloseHandle
0CA1406C Import kernel32.WriteFile
0CA14070 Import kernel32.CreateFileA
0CA14074 Import kernel32.FindNextFileA
0CA14078 Import kernel32.ReadFile
0CA1407C Import kernel32.GetEnvironmentVariableA
0CA14080 Import kernel32.FindClose
0CA14084 Import kernel32.SetFilePointer
0CA14088 Import kernel32.InterlockedIncrement
0CA1408C Import kernel32.TlsAlloc
0CA14090 Import kernel32.TlsFree
0CA14094 Import kernel32.SuspendThread
0CA14098 Import kernel32.ResumeThread
0CA1409C Import kernel32.InterlockedExchange
0CA140A0 Import kernel32.TlsGetValue
0CA140A4 Import kernel32.GetProcAddress
0CA140A8 Import kernel32.InterlockedDecrement
0CA140AC Import kernel32.GetModuleHandleA
0CA140B0 Import ntdll.InitializeCriticalSection
0CA140B4 Import kernel32.TlsSetValue
0CA140B8 Import ntdll.DeleteCriticalSection
0CA140BC Import kernel32.GetCurrentThreadId
0CA140C0 Import ntdll.LeaveCriticalSection
0CA140C4 Import ntdll.EnterCriticalSection
0CA140C8 Import kernel32.GetPrivateProfileIntA
0CA140CC Import kernel32.HeapFree
0CA140D0 Import kernel32.GetModuleFileNameA
0CA140D4 Import kernel32.GetTickCount
0CA140D8 Import kernel32.GetProcessHeap
0CA140DC Import kernel32.Sleep
0CA140E0 Import kernel32.GlobalFree
0CA140E4 Import kernel32.GlobalAlloc
0CA140E8 Import kernel32.GlobalLock
0CA140EC Import kernel32.GlobalUnlock
0CA140F0 Import kernel32.FreeLibrary
0CA140F4 Import kernel32.LoadLibraryA
0CA140F8 Import kernel32.MultiByteToWideChar
0CA140FC Import kernel32.CopyFileA
0CA14100 Import kernel32.CreateSemaphoreA
0CA14104 Import kernel32.SearchPathA
0CA14108 Import kernel32.VirtualQuery
0CA1410C Import kernel32.GetLocalTime
0CA14110 Import kernel32.GetSystemDirectoryA
0CA14114 Import kernel32.GetVersionExA
0CA14118 Import kernel32.WideCharToMultiByte
0CA1411C Import kernel32.GetCurrentProcessId
0CA14120 Import kernel32.GetCurrentProcess
0CA14124 Import kernel32.ReleaseSemaphore
0CA14128 Import kernel32.GetTempPathA
0CA1412C Import kernel32.RaiseException
0CA14130 Import kernel32.CreateDirectoryA
0CA14134 Import kernel32.DeleteFileA
0CA14138 Import kernel32.WaitForSingleObject
0CA1413C Import kernel32.QueryPerformanceFrequency
0CA14140 Import kernel32.QueryPerformanceCounter
0CA14144 Import kernel32.SetLastError
0CA14148 Import kernel32.FormatMessageA
0CA1414C Import kernel32.SetEnvironmentVariableA
0CA14150 Import kernel32.GetUserDefaultLCID
0CA14154 Import ntdll.HeapAlloc
0CA14158 Import kernel32.GetPrivateProfileStringA
0CA1415C Import kernel32.GetCurrentThread
0CA14160 Import kernel32.DuplicateHandle
0CA14164 Import kernel32.GetTimeZoneInformation
0CA14168 Import kernel32.GetStartupInfoA
0CA1416C Import kernel32.SetHandleCount
0CA14170 Import kernel32.SetStdHandle
0CA14174 Import kernel32.GetStdHandle
0CA14178 Import kernel32.HeapCreate
0CA1417C Import kernel32.HeapDestroy
0CA14180 Import kernel32.VirtualAlloc
0CA14184 Import kernel32.VirtualFree
0CA14188 Import kernel32.IsValidCodePage
0CA1418C Import kernel32.GetOEMCP
0CA14190 Import kernel32.GetACP
0CA14194 Import kernel32.CompareStringA
0CA14198 Import kernel32.CompareStringW
0CA1419C Import kernel32.GetComputerNameA
0CA141A0 Import kernel32.LocalFree
0CA141A4 Import kernel32.GetCPInfo
0CA141A8 Import kernel32.GetFileType
0CA141AC Import kernel32.GetConsoleMode
0CA141B0 Import kernel32.GetConsoleCP
0CA141B4 Import kernel32.TerminateProcess
0CA141B8 Import kernel32.UnhandledExceptionFilter
0CA141BC Import kernel32.SetUnhandledExceptionFilter
0CA141C0 Import kernel32.IsDebuggerPresent
0CA141C4 Import ntdll.HeapReAlloc
0CA141C8 Import kernel32.GetSystemTimeAsFileTime
0CA141CC Import kernel32.ExitProcess
0CA141D0 Import kernel32.FileTimeToSystemTime
0CA141D4 Import kernel32.FileTimeToLocalFileTime
0CA141D8 Import kernel32.GetDriveTypeA
0CA141DC Import kernel32.GetTimeFormatA
0CA141E0 Import kernel32.GetDateFormatA
0CA141E4 Import kernel32.GetFullPathNameA
0CA141E8 Import kernel32.GetCommandLineA
0CA141EC Import kernel32.GetFileAttributesA
0CA141F4 Import mpr.WNetGetConnectionA
0CA141FC Import rpcrt4.UuidCreate
0CA14204 Import user32.MessageBoxA
0CA14208 Import user32.GetSystemMetrics
0CA1420C Import user32.OemToCharBuffA
0CA14210 Import user32.CharToOemBuffA
0CA14214 Import user32.GetDC
0CA14218 Import user32.OpenClipboard
0CA1421C Import user32.ReleaseDC
0CA14220 Import user32.EmptyClipboard
0CA14224 Import user32.SetClipboardData
0CA14228 Import user32.CloseClipboard
0CA1422C Import user32.wsprintfA
0CA14234 Import version.GetFileVersionInfoA
0CA14238 Import version.VerQueryValueA
0CA1423C Import version.GetFileVersionInfoSizeA
0CA14244 Import wintrust.WTHelperProvDataFromStateData
0CA14248 Import wintrust.WTHelperGetProvCertFromChain
0CA1424C Import wintrust.WinVerifyTrust
0CA14250 Import wintrust.WTHelperGetProvSignerFromChain
0CA14258 Import ws2_32.Ordinal#11 inet_ntoa
0CA1425C Import ws2_32.Ordinal#115 WSAStartup
0CA14260 Import wsock32.Ordinal#7 getsockopt
0CA14264 Import wsock32.Ordinal#17 recvfrom
0CA14268 Import ws2_32.Ordinal#10 inet_addr
0CA1426C Import ws2_32.Ordinal#8 htonl
0CA14270 Import ws2_32.Ordinal#18 select
0CA14274 Import ws2_32.Ordinal#9 htons
0CA14278 Import ws2_32.Ordinal#116 WSACleanup
0CA1427C Import ws2_32.Ordinal#112 WSASetLastError
0CA14280 Import ws2_32.Ordinal#111 WSAGetLastError
0CA14284 Import ws2_32.Ordinal#3 closesocket
0CA14288 Import ws2_32.Ordinal#23 socket
0CA1428C Import ws2_32.Ordinal#2 bind
0CA14290 Import wsock32.Ordinal#21 setsockopt
0CA14294 Import ws2_32.Ordinal#20 sendto

Re: ace32.dll I was debugging and searched for some documantation and x#

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2024 12:00 pm
by robert
Ace32 is part of Advantage and the functions in there are all documented in the advantage documentation.
If PeStudio can list all calls than it should also be able to show you the parameters to these calls.
The advantage documentation should show you which parameters are strings.

Re: ace32.dll I was debugging and searched for some documantation and x#

Posted: Fri Apr 19, 2024 6:24 pm
by Dakadaka11
Oke so that is advantage dll. Good
But do you know DBISAM, where is dll of that? I see only dbisam.lck and that is so small file, and it have some data:


Do you know how DBISAM pack all in release code? Does it pack in exe?

Re: ace32.dll I was debugging and searched for some documantation and x#

Posted: Mon Apr 22, 2024 10:37 am
by robert
DBISAM is probably a Delphi component which is linked into the exe:


You can order it there


Re: ace32.dll I was debugging and searched for some documantation and x#

Posted: Tue Apr 23, 2024 6:36 am
by Dakadaka11
Yes indeed it is delphi, but any tips how to reverse it and see what queries are? x64dbg? or ida pro