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Regarding version

Post by boonnam »

I installed version  When I was comparing my changes, this version seem to randomly change some of the variables to lower case, and it doesn't allow me to change it back.   
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If you are able to see my screen shot attachment, you can see it changed "Row" to "row", but the lines above and below this change remain unchanged.  When I attempted to type over with upper case "R", it would change it back to lower case "r".  I'm running VS 2022 version 17.6.5.  I made some setting changes hoping it would resolve this issue.  So far no luck.  Is there a setting I need to update to keep this from happening?

Thank you, Boonnam.
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Regarding version

Post by robert »

Switch of Identifier Case Synchronization in Tools/Options. Search for X# in the search box and find the Text Editor/X#/Formatting page.

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