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Since X# 2.8 we now support the use of .editorconfig files. These files can be used in your solution or project to control the source code editor settings for several options, such as:

This allows you to synchronize the editor settings for a team and ignore individual differences between team members.


use tab or space

tab with

encoding for the source files


We are supporting the default tokens for .editorconfig as listed on

indent_style (tab or space)

indent_size (number)

tab_width (number)

end_of_line (cr, lf or crlf)

charset (latin1, utf-8, utf-8-bom, utf-16be or utf-16le)

trim_trailing_whitespace (true or false)

insert_final_newline (true or false)


Additionally we have added a few X# specific options

keyword_case (upper, lower, title or none)

identifier_case (true or false)

indent_namespace (true or false)

indent_type_members (true or false)

indent_type_fields (true or false)

indent_entity_content (true or false)

indent_block_content (true or false)

indent_case_label (true or false)

indent_case_content (true or false)

indent_continued_lines (true or false)

indent_preprocessor (true or false)



The settings inside the .editorconfig overrule the settings on Tools/Options for the X# editor.