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NoteThis command is defined in a header file and will be preprocessed by the X# preprocessor to a function call. If you disable the standard header (-nostddefs) files then this command will not be available. If you tell the compiler to use a different standard header file (-stddef ) then this command may also be not available


Release all public and private variables, close all open database, index, alternate, and memo files in all active work areas, and select work area 1.


Note: CLEAR ALL is a compatibility command and is no longer recommended.  It is superseded by the command or function that performs the specific action you need.  See the list below.




Declared Variables: CLEAR ALL does not release declared variables or constants.

You can close files associated with work areas with one of the various forms of the CLOSE command.  You can release private and public variables using the RELEASE command although explicitly releasing variables is discouraged in most cases.  



See Also

CLEAR MEMORY, CLOSE, DBCloseArea(), FClose(), RELEASE, Select(),