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This dialect shares the features of "All Non Core Dialects"

The compiler and runtime have the following "special" behavior when compiling for the "Vulcan" dialect.


Does NOT allows 4 letter abbreviations of keywords

Does NOT support Memory variables

Does NOT allow && as same line comment characters (&& means .AND. in Vulcan)

Single quotes are used for Character literals

Supports the use of '@' to retrieve the address of a variable. This may also be used for REF variables if the compiler option -vo7 is used.

NULL_STRING is compiled into either "" or NULL depending on the compiler option -vo2

The preprocessor adds a define __VULCAN__ with a value of TRUE

Adds the VOSTRUCT and UNION entity types

Uses the _WINBOOL type for logical values inside VOSTRUCT and UNION entities

The indexer on PSZ types start with element 0



When running in Ansi more (SetAnsi(TRUE), which is the default) then the DBF header for DBFNTX gets the Ansi bit set

The NoMethod() method gets an extra 1st parameter that contains the name of the method that was called.