Frank Maraite: GeoCAD-R NET

This application is still under development and not ready to ship. It will be the successor of an old clipper program. As this it has to handle DBF's in a compatible way as long as it runs side by side.

The purpose of this application is the computation and handling of surveying data. Input and output of all kinds of point data, processing original measuring data from different sources/instruments of all vendors and so on. It can be called a 'number cruncher' :-).
All this is done to fulfil the many different requirements of the surveyors customers.

Most of the source code is compiled in X#/core. Only one little assembly, that handles the access to DBF, is compiled in X#/Vulcan. The access to DBF is encapsulated by strongly typed interfaces. This way DBF can be replaced in the future without big changes.
With the extensions made by Meinhard Schnoor and some enhancements by the author DBF's can be edited through WPF's DataGrid directly. One of the enhancement is adding the IObservableCollection interface.

Some highlights:

  • Change the language 'on the fly' during runtime. See picture 1.
  • Flexible screen layout. See picture 2 and 3.
  • All interaction between GUI and the rest of the app is done by data binding only, strongly following the MVVM pattern.
  • The GUI is done by code only, no XAML involved.
  • The main functionalities are put in a test harness.


Change the language 'on the fly' during runtime.


Flexible screen layout, ui in German .


Flexible screen layout, ui in English .


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