World class enterprise system in X#

World class enterprise system in X#

Azyra Systems report that their large scale Enterprise System used by 100+ logistics businesses in 12 countries is now built with X# as the principal language and Microsoft Sql Server as the database.

Jimmy Cahill, Joint CEO of Azyra, told us

"We are delighted with the unrivalled coding efficiency, compilation speed and runtime performance. X# not only allowed us to modernise our tried and tested code and business logic but put us at the forefront of everything IT."

"We freely mix X# and C# giving our development team access to everything they need to race ahead of our competition. For example, we've moved the GUI to WPF and our designers are busy adding charts and dashboards everywhere for visual appeal and to give our clients immediate insights to their business."

"The X# Team have done a magnificent professional job of building on and completing the work done by generations of the xBase community. They have set the scene for the xBase syntax to be recognised as a much more efficient and elegant language than C# - and by far the best language for teaching object orientated development."

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