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DataServer.Commit Method

Force all pending updates to this data server to be permanently written to disk.

Namespace:  VO
Assembly:  VOSystemClasses (in VOSystemClasses.dll) Version: 2.7
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Return Value

Type: Usual
TRUE if successful; otherwise, FALSE.
DataServer:Commit() can fail for many reasons, ranging from a lack of capability in the server to lock conflicts and technical problems, such as network crashes.  Use the DataServer:Status property to determine the exact cause of the failure. The exact implications of this action depend on the type of the data server.  With some database management systems, the method commits all servers using the same connection; with others, it commits only this server; and with yet others, the method does nothing.  In addition, some SQL servers have other implications of a commit operation (they can close cursors, for example).
Tip Tip
You should carefully study the documentation for your database management system.
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