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Menu Methods (Typed)


The Menu type exposes the following members.

Public methodAppendItem
Add a string to the end of this menu.
Public methodCheckItem
Place a check mark to the left of a specified menu item.
Public methodDeleteItem
Delete an item from this menu, removing it from memory. (To delete a bitmap or string, specify an ID; to delete a submenu, specify the Menu object.)
Public methodDestroy
Provide a method to de-instantiate a Menu object.
(Overrides Destroy.)
Public methodDisableItem
Disable a specified menu item (until a subsequent call to Menu:EnableItem()).
Public methodEnableItem
Enable a specified menu item that was previously disabled.
Public methodGetMenuID
Public methodHandle
Return the handle for a menu.
Public methodHyperLabel
Return the hyperlabel attached to the menu item, or NIL if it has none.
Public methodInsertItem
Insert a new menu item before a specified menu item.
Public methodMakeMenuRtol
Reverse the order of the menu items in a menu. This is only necessary if you are using an International, bi-directional version of Windows.
Public methodName
Return the name, as a string, stored in the hyperlabel attached to the menu command, or NIL if there is none.
Public methodPostInit
Implement customized initialization code for the window.
Public methodPreInit
Implement customized initialization code for the server.
Public methodRegisterItem
Register the hyperlabel for this menu item.
Public methodSetAble
Public methodSetAutoUpdate
Append a section to a specified submenu on a menu. This section automatically keeps track of what MDI child windows are currently open and displays their names on the submenu.
Public methodSetCheck
Public methodSetShortCuts
Public methodShowAsPopup
Display menu as a local pop-up menu.
Public methodUncheckItem
Remove the check mark (that the user sees) from the menu item. Typically, you do this in response to a MenuCommandEvent on that item.
Public methodUnregisterItem
Unregister the hyperlabel for this menu item.
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