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XSharp.Internal Namespace

This namespace contains types (classes and attributes) used by the compiler. These are normally not used in End users (your) code.
Public classActualTypeAttribute
This class is used to mark IntPtr _DLL arguments with the actual type
Public classAllowLateBindingAttribute
This class is used to mark type that allow LateBound calls without the need of the /lb compiler option
Public classClassLibraryAttribute
This class exposes the namespace and globalclass in an assembly
Public classClipperCallingConventionAttribute
This class documents the parameter names for methods and functions with Clipper calling convention
Public classCompilerServices
This class contains helper code that is called by the compiler to support various XBase language constructs, such as the automatic memory management of PSZ values created with String2Psz().
Public classCompilerVersionAttribute
This class records the compiler version used to build an assembly
Public classDefaultParameterValueAttribute
this class is used to mark default parameter values in the middle of a parameter list.
Public classIsInstanceAttribute
This class is used to describe fields that have been declared with the INSTANCE modifier
Public classNeedsAccessToLocalsAttribute
This class is used to mark methods, properties etc. that want access to Local Variables by name.
Public classTypesChangedAttribute
This class is used to mark a class and indicate that the property types and or parameter types in this class were changed. When the compiler detects that a subclass does not have the right parameter or property types then the subclass will be automatically adjusted to preserved the types from the parent class.
Public classVoStructAttribute
This class is used to describe VOSTRUCT and UNION structures which have a different semantics AS actually means Struct PTR. IS means Struct Please note that the size assumes x86 (32 bits) OS.
Public classWrappedException
Helper class for the BREAK statement