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XSharp.VO.SDK Namespace

Public classAdsSQLServer
ADS Compatible DbServer class that received a Sql Select statement in its constructor
Public classConsole
Encapsulate a Win32 console application.
Public classConsoleCoord
A helper class encapsulating a console window's coordinates.
Public classDataField
Create a field, which is an object that holds information that defines a particular field in a data server (for example, the field's data type and length).
Public classDataServer
Public classDateFS
Create a date field specification which holds date data type information.
Public classCode exampleDbFileSpec
Hold the file name and path for a .DBF file and provide DBF-related functions, such as creating, copying, deleting, moving, and renaming files.
Public classDbServer
Create a data server that can operate with existing .DBF database files and their associated index files.
Public classFieldSpec
Create a field specification, which holds general data type information about data elements, such as database fields and window controls.
Public classCode exampleFileSpec
Create a file specification, which provides a useful framework for managing file names and paths.
Public classHyperLabel
Create a hyperlabel, which stores information about another object.
Public classIntegerFS
Create an integer field specification, which holds integer data type information.
Public classLogicFS
Create a logic field specification, which holds logic data type information.
Public classMoneyFS
Create a money field specification, which holds money data type information.
Public classNumberFS
Create a number field specification, which holds numeric data type information.
Public classOrderSpec
OrderSpec class was designed to model index information at the order level - not file level - and complement the DBFileSpec class.
Public classSQLCatalogQuery
Provide the base class from which all X# catalog classes are subclassed.
Public classSQLColumn
Describe an SQL column.
Public classSQLColumnAttributes
Describe the attributes of an SQL column.
Public classCode exampleSQLConnection
Manage an SQL connection to an ODBC data source.  A SQLConnection object is needed before any database operations can be performed.
Public classSQLData Obsolete.
Represent an SQL data value; used internally by SQL classes.
Public classCode exampleSQLErrorInfo
Describe a SQL error.
Public classSqlFunctions
Public classSQLListColumnPrivileges
List the columns and associated privileges for one or more tables.
Public classSQLListColumns
List the column names in specified tables.
Public classSQLListDatabases
Public classSQLListForeignKeys
List the column names that comprise foreign keys, if they exist for a specified table.
Public classSQLListIndexColumns
Public classSQLListIndexes
Public classSQLListPrimaryKeys
List the column names that comprise the primary key for a table.
Public classSQLListProcedureColumns
List the input and output procedure parameters and columns that make up the result set for the specified procedures.
Public classSQLListProcedureParameters
Public classSQLListProcedures
List the procedure names stored in a specific data source.
Public classSQLListReservedWords
Public classSQLListRestrictions
Public classSQLListSpecialColumns
List information about the optimal set of columns that uniquely identifies a row in a specified table or the columns that are updated automatically when any value in the row is updated by a transaction.
Public classSQLListStatistics
List the table statistics and the indexes.
Public classSQLListTablePrivileges
List the tables and associated privileges.
Public classSQLListTables
List the table names stored in a specific data source.
Public classSQLListTriggers
Public classSQLListTypeInfo
List the ODBC data types that are supported by this connection.
Public classSQLListUsers
Public classSQLListViewColumns
Public classSQLListViews
Public classSqlParameter
Public classSQLSelect
Manage a SQL select statement to select a set of rows from an ODBC data source.  The rows can be read, modified, or deleted using the SQLSelect methods.
Public classCode exampleSQLStatement
Manage a SQL statement.
Public classSQLTable
Manage a table.
Public classSQLValue
Describe a SQL value.
Public classStringFS
Create a string field specification, which holds string data type information.
Public enumerationConcurrency
Public enumerationNotify