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Workarea Properties


The Workarea type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAlias
Retrieve the alias name.
Public propertyArea
Retrieve the Workarea number.
Public propertyBoF
Is the table at the logical beginning-of-file.
Public propertyBottom
Is at bottom ?
Public propertyClosed
Public propertyDeleted
Is the current row deleted?
Public propertyDriver
Driver (RDD) name of the object.
Public propertyEoF
Is the table at the logical end-of-file.
Public propertyExclusive
Is the Workarea opened Exclusively
Public propertyFieldCount
The # of fields in the current Workarea.
Public propertyFileName
File name of the main file
Public propertyFilterInfo
Current Filter
Public propertyFilterText
The filter condition as a string.
Public propertyFound
The outcome of the last search operation.
Public propertyHasProperties
Public propertyHasRelations
Public propertyMemo
Current memo implementation.
Public propertyOrderCondInfo
Current Order condition
Public propertyProperties
Public propertyReadOnly
Is the file opened ReadOnly ?
Public propertyRecCount
The number of rows.
Public propertyRecId
The row identifier at the current cursor position.
Public propertyRecNo
The physical row identifier at the current cursor position.
Public propertyRecordBuffer
Current Record
Public propertyShared
Is the current Workarea opened Shared?
Public propertyTop
Is at top?
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