DIBMP:LoadDIBFromCodeBlock() Method

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DIBMP:LoadDIBFromCodeBlock() Method

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To load a bitmap from the return value of a codeblock.


<oDIBMP>:LoadDIBFromCodeBlock(bCodeBlock) lSuccess                                (LOGIC)



Codeblock who's return value is a bitmap.


This method loads a bitmap from the return value of a codeblock.  The codeblock return value must be a string that contains a valid bitmap.  The bitmap returned from the codeblock must also contain a BITMAPFILEHEADER structure or it is ignored.


The BITMAPFILEHEADER structure is a standard Windows structure.  Please refer to the Windows SDK reference for more information.


Due to the 64K size limit of strings in a 16 bit application, the size of a bitmap loaded via this method must be less than 64K when using the RP2/16 runtime.


// Load a bitmap from a codeblock

// that references a DBF field


bCodeBlock:={|| mytable->bmpfield}