PrintPostBody() Method callback

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PrintPostBody() Method callback

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This callback method is invoked at the end of the printing process to allow the report object to print summary information or report totals.





The PtrDevice which has initiated the call to this callback method.

Return Values

The appropriate return values are:


PRINT_OK        All is OK; continue printing (in which case PrintPostBody() will be called again).
PRINT_ERROR        Indicates an error occurred and printing should terminate.
PRINT_NOMORE        Indicates there are no more pages to process; printing should terminate after the current page.


This callback method is called if it exists as a method of the report object and the <lPostBody> parameter of either Print() or PrintPreview() was set to TRUE.  The report object is specified in the <oReport> parameter of the PtrDevice:Init.  This method is called after the main printing loop.