PrintSetPage() Method callback

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PrintSetPage() Method callback

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This callback method is invoked during the printing process to instruct the report object to prepare to print a certain page.


<oReport>:PrintSetPage(oPtrDevice, nNextPageNo)


oPtrDevice        The PtrDevice which has initiated the call to this callback function.
nNextPageNo        The page number to be printed next.

Return Values

nPageNo        The page number that the report object moved to and is prepared to print.  This value can be less than nNextPageNo if nNextPageNo does not exist.
PRINT_ERROR        Indicates an error occurred and printing should terminate.


This method is called to allow the report object to initialize itself for the printing of a specific page.  Initialization can include moving record pointers or updating report total information.


This callback method is called if it exists as a method of the report object. The report object is specified in the <oReport> parameter of the PtrDevice:Init.


To calculate the number of pages being moved you must query the PtrDevice:CurrentPageNumber access.  This number can be negative.


// Calc the number of pages moved.

nPages := nNextPageNo - oPtrDevice:CurrentPageNumber