PtrDevice:CreatePrinterDC() Method

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PtrDevice:CreatePrinterDC() Method

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To create a printer device context for use with Windows printing functions.


<oPtrDevice>:CreatePrinterDC()  hDC                (16-bit: WORD, 32-bit: PTR)


This method creates a printer device context based on information contained in the PtrDevice internal structures.  Use this method if you need to create a printer device context when printing is not in progress.  If printing or preview is in progress, the <oPtrDevice>:PrinterDeviceContext access will return the current printer device context.


You are responsible for calling the Windows function DeleteDC(hDC) when you are finished with this device context.


// Create a printer device context

hDC := oPtrDevice:CreatePrinterDC()

... // go something with it