RpReport:SetIndex() Method

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RpReport:SetIndex() Method

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Use this method to set an index for the primary rpRDDTable object.


<oRpReport>:SetIndex(cFileName, cTagName)  NIL


cFileNameThe file name of the index.
cTagNameThis is a string specifying the tag name to select from the index file.  This parameter has meaning for RDDs that support compound indexes such as DBFCDX.  If you are specifying an index from a compound index file, you must specify this parameter; otherwise, it is not required.


If an index is specified via this method it does not override the sort order of the report; you must clear the sort order for the index to take precedence.  Note: It is faster to use an existing index since the report engine does not have to create an index to support the sort order.


// Set the index to be used for the report sort order

oRpReport:SetIndex ( "C:\RP2\BIT.CDX", "BIT" )

Note:This method maps directly to the first table object in the primary section.  It only applies if the first table object is a rpRDDTable.  It may be necessary to call RpReport:Connect2Source() before using this method.  See the discussion under Connect2Source() for more information.