RpReport:SetSeekExpression() Method

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RpReport:SetSeekExpression() Method

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This method allows you to specify the seek expression for any section of a report.


<oReport>:SetSeekExpression(cExpression, [nSection])  logic


cExpression        The new seek expression for the specified section.
nSection                Optional section number.  The default is the first section after the optional title section.


To set the seek expression of a rpRDDTable object.  If a seek expression is specified, it is evaluated at the beginning of the report prior to printing.  The value returned from the seek expression is used to perform a soft seek against the index of the primary table in the section.  After the seek is performed, reporting starts. The assigned value must be a valid expression or an empty string ("") to clear the seek expression.  


If you use fields in the expression, it is necessary to call RpReport:Connect2Source() prior to setting the seek expression.


// Set the seek expression in section 2

oReport:SetSeekExpression("1", 2)