RpReport:SetSortOrder() Method

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RpReport:SetSortOrder() Method

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This method allows you to specify the sort order of any section in the report.


<oReport>:SetSortOrder(cSort, lUnique, [nSection])  NIL


cSort        The string specifying the new sort order.  This string must be specified as follows:


"Table1.Field1 ASC, Table2.Field1 DESC".  


Note that ASC is optional and is the default.


lUnique        Optional parameter indicating whether the order should be unique (true) or include all values (false).  

The default is false.


nSectionOptional section number.  The default is the first section after the optional title section.


The primary section sort order can be set at runtime using this method.  This is useful for when you want to allow your users to change the sort order at runtime.


// Set the report sort order

oReport:SetSortOrder("Customer.CustNo ASC, WKORDER.Date ASC")


Note:                This method maps directly to the primary section of the report.