RpSQLQuery Class

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RpSQLQuery Class

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The purpose of this class is to provide a wrapper for SQL SELECT statements.


SQLColDelim                Access/Assign                RDD/SQL & Design Only

SQLDistinct                Access/Assign                RDD/SQL & Design Only

SQLFrom                        Access/Assign                RDD/SQL & Design Only

SQLGroupBy                Access/Assign                RDD/SQL & Design Only

SQLHaving                        Access/Assign                RDD/SQL & Design Only

SQLOrderBy                Access/Assign                RDD/SQL & Design Only

SQLUnion                        Access/Assign                RDD/SQL & Design Only

SQLUserCols                Access/Assign                RDD/SQL & Design Only

SQLWhere                        Access/Assign                RDD/SQL & Design Only


Changes to this class may have an adverse effect if used after RpReport:Connect2Source() has been called.  See the discussion of RpReport:Connect2Source() for more information.