Configuring Report Objects

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Configuring Report Objects

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Each report object supports various attributes to allow you to customize the appearance of the report output.  Several attributes are supported by all objects while some are peculiar to a specific object type.  For example, all objects support alignment and size but only Text and Field objects have font attributes.


You configure an object by clicking the right mouse button over the desired object.  A pop-up menu will be presented to allow you to select the attribute you wish to configure.



You'll notice that the pop-up menu also contains the editing commands Cut, Copy and Paste.  These commands are provided here for convenience and have the same affect as the Edit menu options on ReportPro's main menu.


This chapter starts by discussing the attributes that are common to all objects and then discusses those attributes that apply to specific objects.



Set Size/Position

Background Style

Border Style

Print When


Line Style

Auto Size


Text Align

Field Style

Picture Style