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Imaging     and     Graphing

Technology  provided  by Light Lib

Copyright DFL Software Inc.

The following is a list of features provided by the Standard and Professional Editions of Light Lib Images and Light Lib Business. Thanks to a special agreement between DataPro and DFL, as a ReportPro user, you get all the functionality of the Professional Editions within ReportPro reports.  If you wish to use Light Lib products outside of ReportPro, please contact DFL for upgrade pricing information.

Light Lib Images

Advanced imaging•                Direct support for TWAIN scanners and devices

       High performance image processing with ULTRA fast loading, converting, printing, zooming, flipping, rotating, ...
       Extensive file format support : BMP, PCX, PNG, TGA, uncompressed and 24-bit TIF
       Compression modes: RLE, LZ77, CCITT Group 1D
       Advanced data binding and database interaction
       Save and convert file formats
       Scaling, fit to window
       Grayscale, intelligent dithering and optimized color palettes
Light Lib Business

Data aware graphs•                Dynamic navigation

       Interactive graphs
       Truly data aware control
       Drill down capabilities
       ULTRA fast graph display
       Completely configurable : colors, labels, fonts, legends, ...
       Automatic resizing, scaling, legends, dialogs
       Line, bar, pie, ribbon, stacked bar, percent, stock, 2D, 3D, filled and non-filled graphs
       Full BLOB support for easy saving of all graph settings
       ODBC connection to any data source


PRO edition

In addition to features found in the Standard Edition


       Native access to TWAIN devices and multipage scanning
       BLOB Support
       File formats: GIF, JPG, TIF (including multi-page TIF)
       Compression : LZW, CCITT G3&4, Huffman, JPEG
               Mixed and complex graphs
       Right Y-Axis support
       Rotate skipper, Gantt, Complex or Multiple-columns, Stock (high-low-close).


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