Object Inspector

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Object Inspector

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The Object Inspector gives you a hierarchical view of the report objects contained in the current report section.  From the Object Inspector, you can see what band each object belongs to and where they reside in the Z-order.  You can also see each of the object's attributes and the value of each attribute.


To display the Object Inspector select the Tools, Object Inspector option from ReportPro's main menu.



There are three icons that you will encounter in the Object Inspector:



 Represents a Band.


 Represent a Report Object.  


 Represents an attribute of a Report Object.


When you click the right mouse button on a report object, a pop-up menu will appear with a list of features available for the object.  The options presented in the pop-up menu depend on which object you've selected.  For a detailed description of each menu option, please refer to the chapter entitled "Configuring Report Objects".