ReportPro's Expression Builder

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ReportPro's Expression Builder

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The Expression Builder is an important part of ReportPro's design interface and you will encounter it frequently as you create reports.  ReportPro uses expressions extensively for a variety of purposes such as retrieving information from a data source and making decisions during the printing process.  Think of an expression as a series of commands that instructs ReportPro how to perform a task.  



As the name implies, the Expression Builder is where you build expressions.  The Expression Builder contains controls to simplify the process of building an expression.  Each control is identified in the following table.




Fields List Box

 Lists the database fields available for building expressions.

Table Select

 Allows you to limit the fields which are displayed in the Field List Box.  Select "<All Tables>" to show all the fields or select an individual table to see only fields from that table.  This option does not make other fields unavailable for use; but simply limits the fields displayed in the Fields list box.

Functions List Box

 Lists the functions available to use in building expressions.  See Appendix B for a complete function listing.

Variables List Box

 Lists the User Defined Variables which are available for use in the expression builder.


 This is the expression being built.  You can directly edit the expression you are building using this edit box.

OK Button

 Accepts the expression and closes the Expression Builder.

Cancel Button

 Closes the Expression Builder without accepting the expression.

Clear Button

 Clears all text in the expression edit control.

Test Button

 Tests the validity and syntax of the expression being built without having to exit the expression builder.

Browse Field Values Button

 Presents a dialog that shows sample data for the field highlighted in the Fields List box.  

Short Cut Buttons

 The remaining buttons on the Expression Builder are short cut buttons that enter text in the expression edit.  For example if you press the .and. button, the text ".and." is added to the expression edit.


Building Expressions