Saving a Report

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Saving a Report

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To save a report, choose Save from the File menu.  If the report has previously been saved, ReportPro will automatically save the report to the same file name.  If the report is a new report or you choose Save As from the File menu, the Save Report As dialog appears allowing you to specify a file name.



The Save Report As dialog is a standard Windows dialog much like the Open Report dialog.  The drop-down list box at the top of the dialog allows you to navigate through the directory structure of your hard drive(s).  When you select the desired directory, the available report files will be displayed in the large list box in the middle on the dialog.


After you have identified a directory, type the report name in the File Name edit and click the Save button.


If the file you specify already exists, ReportPro will ask you if you wish to overwrite the file.  If you choose Yes, ReportPro will overwrite the file, otherwise you will be returned to the Save Report As dialog.


Although ReportPro does not enforce a specific file extension, if you do not specify a file extension, ReportPro will default to "RPT".