Exporting Your Report

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Exporting Your Report

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ReportPro provides the capability to export the output of your report to one of several popular file formats.  You start the export process by selecting the File, Print Export option from ReportPro's main menu.


The first step in exporting your report is to select the format you wish to export to.  ReportPro supports several popular file formats including Text, RTF and HTML.  These options are listed in the Export dialog.




After you select the desired file format and press the OK button, another dialog will be displayed where you can specify the name of your export file.  This dialog is a standard Windows Save As dialog.  To specify a file name, simply type the desired name into the File Name edit at the bottom of the dialog and press the Save button.




Export-In-Progress Dialog


After you specify the necessary information, ReportPro will start the export process.  During this time, a progress dialog will be displayed showing you the page number that is currently being exported. To cancel the export operation, press the Cancel button on the dialog.