Field Wizard

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Field Wizard

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The Field Wizard allows you to quickly add Field objects to a report.  The Wizard is accessible via the Tools menu option on ReportPro's main menu.  You can also access the Field Wizard by using the hot-key combination Ctrl-F5.  


Field objects are added to a report by clicking the left mouse button over the desired field in the Field Wizard, then dragging the field to the desired position on the report while holding down the left mouse button.  When you release the left mouse button, a new Field object is added to the report.




You can restrict the fields displayed in the field list to a specific table by selecting the desired table from the Table list.  To display fields for all tables, select the <All Tables> option.


You can also browse sample values for a field by highlighting the desired field and pressing the Browse Field button.


To hide the Field Wizard, click the Close button.  Clicking the small _bm69 icon located in the upper right hand corner of the dialog also hides the wizard.