Jasmine Collection Options

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Jasmine Collection Options

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ReportPro provides several options for processing collections.  The Collection Options dialog allows you to identify the type of collection returned by the ODQL expression as well as how you want to process it.  This dialog is presented when you select a property in the Jasmine Property Inspector that returns a collection and also when you click the Collection Options button in the Jasmine Field Configuration dialog.




The purpose of each control on the dialog is identified in the table below.





Collection Type

 This control allows you to specify the type of collection returned by the ODQL expression.  This control is disabled when you select an item from the Jasmine Property Inspector as the Property Inspector has sufficient information to determine the collection type.


 This control allows you to specify the number of elements in a fixed length collection.  This control only applies to ARRAY type collections and is disabled for all other types.

Processing Options

 These radio buttons allow you to specify how the collection is processed.  Most of the options create a list of all elements in the collection.  Each element is converted to a string data type and delimited with either a return, comma or semi-colon character.  The entire collection is then displayed as a single string.


The Return element # option is a unique option that allows you to display a single item from the collection.  When you select this option, you must also specify the element number you wish to display.  If during reporting, the element doesn't exist, a NIL is returned.



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