Jasmine Field Configuration

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Jasmine Field Configuration

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This dialog allows you to specify information about the property or method that you wish to use to retrieve information from the Jasmine database.




The dialog contains several controls that are detailed in the table below.




ODQL Expression

 The expression that is included in the ODQL statement.  It must be a valid ODQL statement.  ReportPro does not test the validity of this statement.  If the statement is not valid, then the Jasmine server will generate an error that will be reported back to you.

ReportPro Name

 The name of the field as it is displayed in the ReportPro expression builder.

Select From

 The class that the property or method belongs to.  This value is used to build the From clause portion of the ODQL query.

Return Type

 The data type returned by the ODQL expression.


 The length of the return type in bytes.  This field cannot be edited for some data types.


 The number of decimals in the return type.  This edit is disabled for all data types except Decimal.

Is a Collection

 This check box indicates that the ODQL expression returns a collection.

Collection Options

 Click this button to display a dialog to allow you to select custom collection options (see discussion below).


Normally, the ODQL query you build returns atomic data types like strings, integers, dates or bitmaps.  These data types can be processed directly by ReportPro.  It is possible, however, to create a query that returns a collection of these data types.  A collection requires additional processing before the elements of the collection can be used on a report.



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